5 Best 8 String Guitars In 2022


Better 8 than ever! The 8 string guitars are regarded as beasts in the world of the guitar today because of their specs and versatility. If you are looking to purchase this item, you can choose one from our golden list because our list contains the best 8 strings you’d ever find on sale. It might interest you to know that your needs go beyond just the range most traditional guitars offer.

For you to go for an 8 string, you sure want to ensure that you have all the features needed to make the best out of your guitar, great! You are going to get just the perfect choice for you. But before then, what are 8-string guitars?

8-String Guitars, What Are They?

The traditional guitars are known to have 6 strings which provide just the needed range of notes to play numerous songs, easy enough for the player. The 8 string, however, has 2 extra strings available for you with a wider range of tones and notes to play and work with.

However, it may seem a bit complicated to work with the 8 string for the first time once it has been added to the low end of a guitar. It begins to look like a traditional guitar with a touch of a piano. This is where users are introduced to Scale Length and String Tension. The scale length is the distance found between the saddle and the nut. The string tension on the other hand is the feeling of the string tightness when it is tuned to your preferred note. Low notes need to be played on longer strings while high notes on shorter strings.

Since pianos tackle their extended range with short treble strings and long bass strings, these amazing 8 string guitars add extra features that tackle the scale length and string tension themselves. Moreso, the 8-string guitars can maneuver playing on a wider neck which includes pickups for a wider frequency range.

All these are amazing deals and features offered by the 8-string guitars. They are available in different ranges of price so you can do you well to get yourself one. Mind you, you can’t go wrong with any of the items on this list. Enjoy!

5 Best 8-String Guitars in 2022

Jackson X Seris Dinky Arch Top DKAF8

This isn’t on top of the list by sheer luck, it deserves to be because of the amazing deals it has to offer. Jackson X Series addresses all the necessary points of an 8 string. What’s more? With all its amazing features, it comes at a reasonable and fair price. 

Jackson X Series is both stylish and comfortable owing to its ergonomic build and design. The high-performance 8-string electric guitar allows 2 scale lengths on its fingerboard thereby enhancing comfort, playability, and intonation. It has a neck designed with 2 graphite shafts and a scarf joint all adding to its comfortability. The laurel fretboard isn’t the cramped type as the width of the nut is around 53.85 mm, all you have to do is get your fingers working and familiar with the fretboard.

The soloist tone of the guitar is amazing! There are the EMG 909 humbuckers that help produce a beautiful 8-string sound while scaling it to your amp with a searing bite. Highs might be a bit mellow but every other tone and sound are well balanced and just amazing. 

The Body 

The guitar is simply made for easy playability and ergonomics. One of its unique specs is the multiple scale lengths, the only 8-string that offers such long scale lengths for low strings and short lengths for high strings. Jackson X Series’ body is mahogany which works to give you an enriched overtone.

The guitar has a maple neck which is paired with a laurel fretboard with 24 jumbo frets. It comes with a compound radius of 12- 16 inches directly making grabbing chords on the neck easy with smooth up higher and quick runs. This particular feature is not what you come by with the other 8 strings so, another unique.

The Neck

  • Maple neck wood
  • Slimly shaped
  • 2 action truss rod
  • Multi-scale
  • Joint Neck
  • Gloss finish
  • Hardware and Elecs

The device comes with a pair of the model’s uncovered 8 string blade humbuckers. The multiscale design is accomplished through individual staggered bridge saddles. This allows the lower strings to level up to 28 inches scales while the higher strings stay at 26 inches which allows for an awesome string intonation and tension. 

The nut has a slanted design measuring 2.165 inches, a bit sharp on the high strings at the first fret. The tuners correspond with any string size you thread through them as they are Jackson sealed Die-Cast.

The Sound

Thanks to the Blade Humbuckers, the low end has enough brightness to keep up with the extra low strings in the mix. This helps prevent any form of tone fall short, which can only happen with the Schecter Banshee Elite. You can decide on swapping out the pickups which can help the mahogany body shine more. However, the quality of the pickup does not matter much if the guitar already falls out of tune, something you can’t find with Jackson X Series.


  • Mahogany and double-cutaway body material
  • Jackson Uncovered 8 String Blade Humbuckers Pickups
  • Saddles with individual staggered bridge
  • Laurel fingerboard material
  • Maple Neck Material
  • Solid-body with a gloss finish
  • Poplar body and quilted maple top wood
  • Three-way pickup switch


  • Awesome build quality all through
  • Sturdy neck build
  • Fantastic playability for an 8-string guitar
  • An active EMG bucker with great sound


  • Many options to choose from within that price range. 


Bottom Line

It isn’t an easy task getting an 8-string guitar that sounds and feels great at an affordable price. The Jackson X Series Dinky Arch pulled off all of these features with compromises that become noticeable when you deal with the instrument as a user. You get to feel upgrades like multi-scale and compound radius immediately you start working on it. An amazing instrument that is great for awesome players.


Schecter Omen-8

Schecter Omen-8 is on sale for users interested in a high-quality guitar at an attainable price range. A top choice for many reasons suitable for professional guitars players. As a modern guitarist, you get an amazing tonal range with Omen-8.

It is an electric guitar made with a unique range of tones for all categories of guitarists with modern styles of play. It is no news again that 8-string guitars always feature 2 additional strings, this electric guitar also add extra dimensions to your piece.

Schecter Omen 8 is well known for its great quality and the model has taken a stand in the world of guitars as musicians’ favorites, owing to its playability, budget-friendly price, and great quality. The model is well suited to both novices and professionals with an 8-string. You can expect an amazing feel for both the weighting and balance of this guitar. It holds a carbon fiber reinforcing in the neck which enhances its solid and smooth feel. The fretboard is also flat, made from rosewood, measuring 16 inches with 24 jumbo frets- a good number even for the quickest players. Omen-8 standard ships with passive humbuckers which help translate both the low and high gain signals to make a solid and lovely choice.

The Body

Schecter Omen-8 comes with basswood body material which helps save a few dollars. The neck has a thin C-shaped maple featuring a carbon filter rod for more stability. 

The 24 jumbo frets set has a rosewood fingerboard underneath is set at a constant radius of 16 inches. With this model, you get 3 different finish options. A walnut satin is a nice option with its warm aesthetic plus the fact that the wood grain is visible sporting a radius of 26.5 inches. 

Elecs and Hardware

The Schecter tuners help hold the 8 string in place. The tone of the 2 Schecter diamond plus pickups is shaped by the 3-way, volume, and tone. The pickups are overwound and specially made to attain high gain. If you do not care much about dynamics being slightly lost, then Schecter Omen-8 is the best fit for you.

The Sound

The instrument work with all its necessary parts to deliver an aggressive and tight sound which is exactly what you need in high gain settings. The sound is extremely gratifying and at the same time satisfying. Omen-8 comes with a maple neck which adds high-end clarity to enhance the basswood body. It is indisputable that Schecter Omen-8 is the best 8-string guitar you get at its price range. 


  • Maple neck with carbon filter reinforcement rods
  • Rosewood fretboard material
  • 26.5 inches scale
  • Schecter Diamond Plusbidge pickups
  •  Three-way pickup selector
  • Tone controls and master volume
  • CTM-8 bridge
  • Tuning machine from Schecter
  • Pearloid inlay


  • Awesome build quality for its price
  • Well balanced neck 
  • Great value among its counterparts
  • Passive humbuckers may not be that impressive.

Bottom Line

When it comes to 8-string guitar production, Schecter knows their way around it. If your budget is within the range of $500, then you shouldn’t consider it further. Schecter Omen-8 has all the necessary specs needed for good playability and stability. 8 strings guitars are amazingly awesome, Omen-8 lets you explore more on the awesome.


Schecter Banshee Elite-8

A pristine made 8-string guitar for the Elite. Schecter Banshee Elite-8 is intentionally made to last a lifetime with amazing sound to take on the go. If it is a Schecter-made guitar, then you know you can’t ever go wrong with it. 

Just like the Omen-8, Schecter Banshee is also made from solid basswood with a special vintage-looking finish, a sight to behold for lovers of guitars with a classic rock vibe. It comes with a maple neck and a modern rosewood fretboard with Schecter inlays. All these shades of wood textures complement one another to give an appealing appearance. Schecter always never compromises the appearance or build quality of their instruments. 

Professionals in the world of guitar described the model’s pickup as a sibling to the EMG humbucker that is, a pickup good at handling the low tones of an 8-string at a low cost. Schecter Banshee comes at a very good price for an 8-string, great for jazz and metals, and at the same time producing wicked tunes that only get better.

The Body

It is designed with a flamed maple top that is apparent under the natural gloss finish. Its swamp ash body together with this makes it one of the most stunning and inviting guitars on the list. The neck is made with walnut multi-ply and carbon fiber reinforcement rods for stability enhancement. The fingerboard is ebony and it pops against the natural finish amidst the rest of the body. One unique feature with Schecter Banshee is the offset pearl fret markers, a beauty that can’t go unnoticed.

Elecs and Hardware

The pickup is a 2 Schecter USA Supercharger Mach-8 and is controlled with a five-way mega switch, volume, and tone. You get awesome tunning stability with the combination of the Hipshot hardtail bridge together with the Schecter locking tuners. It has 28 inches scale, perfect middle ground for high strings making appropriate function and an elegant feel.

The Sound

Without being biased, Schecter Banshee offers the best sound you can get from any 8-string guitar. This is mostly owned to the Schecter USA SuperCharger Mach-8 pickups as these present a vocal and organic tone to the sound of the guitar. Regardless of where your focus is on the sound of the guitar, you get an all-around clean sound when playing authentically. There is also the five-way switch that gives ample flexibility to whatever piece you choose to play. 


  • Walnut Multi-ply Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Rods Neck material
  • Schecter USA SuperCharger Mach-8 Pickups
  • Hipshot Hardtail 125 string Bridge
  • Ebony Fingerboard material
  • Swamp Ash body material with flamed maple top


  • Quality Tonal design and style
  • Affordable for an 8-string
  • Comes with a lightweight neck for easy play
  • Ideal for playing live


  • EMG pickups might not be very exciting

Bottom Line

Schecter Banshee Elite-8 has a fantastic sound, professionally crafted with a gorgeous look and finish. You are getting one hell of an instrument if you decide on going for Banshee Elite-8. The only reason it doesn’t maintain the top spot is the fact that it doesn’t have a multi-scale design, something that isn’t a deal-breaker.



It is incontestable that 8 string guitars are mostly super strat, offering almost the same unified look. This model does not deviate from that norm, it offers a unique approach and design to the new world of 8 strings. ESP LTD successfully bends modern designs together with classical so that both old school players and the new gens can find their way around the potential of the 8-string guitars.

You do not just get the Superstrat design common of 8-strings from ESP, you also get to have a Les Paul 8-string look-alive from the model. Another interesting part about this model is that with all these amazing features, you get to pay an easily attainable amount for the instrument.

Why the Les Paul look? Well, the awesome instrument features a distinctive single cut-away Les Paul look right on the arched top of its mahogany body. You get an awesome black satin finish crafted with a warm white binding. It’s not an easy task trying to fault the build or design of ESP LTD.

ESP LTD doesn’t only feature a 3-piece mahogany neck, the neck comes with a jatoba wood fretboard together with 22 jumbo frets. You get elegant wavy block inlays with no dots on the fingerboard, all adding to the aforementioned Les Paul feel. The body has the same black finish as the neck, with the neck measuring a nut of 2,12” in width.

You get 2 powerful ESP humbuckers with ESP LTD; at the neck and the bridge. This model delivers a powerful sound with a great design that looks the part. It has successfully found its way to our great list because of the amazing features it has to offer at a very affordable price.

The Body

The body shape of ESP LTD EC-258 can’t really go unnoticed when passed by. It has a Les Paul body shape looking less aggressive but more appealing. Musicians get a solid choice for the amazing aesthetics it has to offer plus its approach to different genres of music

Its mahogany body makes the instrument adaptable to all styles of music with a scale of 26.4 inches and 22 frets. There is also the Stretneck design that gives players a more sturdy feel and resonance. The 3-piece mahogany is carved in a U shape and the 22 frets make it more like a classic electric guitar.

Elecs and Hardware

ESP LTD is made with LH-308 passive pickups with 2 volume controls that let you regulate the output of each of the pickups. However, you get only one universal control which comes with a coil-splitting feature. Just like most 8-strings on the market, ESP LTD also has a fixed bridge with LTD standard tuners.

The Sound

With ESP LTD, you get a sound like many other 8-strings on sale. However, if you are not so pleased with the sound performance, you can always swap the pickups and get some better sounds. The build is great and the model has lots of potential for all-round voicings.


  • Mahogany body and neck material
  • ESP Designed LH-308 Pickups
  • Jatoba Fingerboard material
  • LTD Fixed bridge


  • Fantastic build quality with great looks
  • Amazing features to work with
  • Great sound
  • Budget-friendly


  • Superstrat design may be most preferred

Bottom Line

LTD EC-258 is a fantastic choice for players interested in 8-string guitar design. It’s an amazing pick for fans of U-style guitar shapes. The only changes that can be made are on the pickups for better sound, every other aspect is just amazing.


Ibanez RG8

Ibanez has RGMS8 as part of its core series which come from a long line of 8-string guitars with a great reputation. The RGMS8 makes use of a 27.2”/25.5” scale which provides equalized tension for open and lively tunes. Since playability is one of the model’s main focuses, it features slants made to match the player hand angles for quick and fast play-along to the 12 frets. For easy shredding in high frets, the horizontal point is intentionally positioned close to the bridge.

Just like some other more expensive 8-strings, Ibanez RG8 features a 5-piece maple and walnut neck almost like the uber-svelte Ibanez wizard III-8. The instrument measures 20mm deep from the first fret and tapers which becomes 21mm when you get to the 12th. Basically, it is an awesome choice built for speedy play, great for both experts and novices.

The Body

Ibanez RG8 has an all meranti body with a 5-piece maple neck. Made for a fast play featuring a 27 inches scale which makes it sit right in the middle of the herd for scale length. It features a Wizard III-8 neck shape with a bolt-on joint, a standard truss rod, with a gloss finish.

The features are just numerous and amazing that you would rather not think twice before opting for the pick. The pickups are passive with a 5-way switch, fanned fret with an 8-saddle monorail bridge.

Elecs and Hardware

The pickups of Ibanez RG8 are passive IBZ-8 (H) Ceramics pickups, a smart move by the model to keep the theme simple. These pickups are, however, controlled by tone controls, universal volume, and a 3-way pickup selector. Every other hardware on the instrument is black, poping on other white finished models.

The Sound

You get a versatile and pleasant tonal option with Ibanez RG8 with pickups that produce sensitive touch, suiting both experts and beginners. If however, you are not getting adequate output from the pickups, they can always be swapped for better ones. There are great-sounding guitars on the list and this model is also a good sounding one nevertheless.


  • Meranti body material
  • IBZ-8 (H) Passive/ceramic pickups
  • 5 Piece maple neck material
  • Jatoba Fingerboard material
  • Fixed bridge
  • Solid-body with mahogany wood
  • Gloss finish
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Awesome value for a multi-scale 8-string
  • A wider range of tones through switching
  • Very affordable
  • Might not be the best sounding 8-string

Bottom Line

This model is awesome when it comes to creating budget-friendly guitars without compromising quality. It is a great pick for beginners and experts who are not fans of overrated guitars.

In Conclusion

Without any further epistle, this awesome list has successfully guided you through the best 8-string guitar you can find on sales in this recent time. On this list, you get both expensive and affordable 8-string guitars with fantastic qualities. You can rest assured that you can never go wrong with our list and as you already know, better 8 than any other.

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