The Modern Record is a Music and Arts blog put together to support and give exposure to budding new bands, artists and groups throughout mainly Scotland, but also the rest of the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. We provide a platform for writers and photographers to show off their work, whatever their background.

The blog, rather than an executive holds the opinions of its members above its own, all content submitted to the magazine belongs to the author and we endeavour to publish every article, review or image. Members are encouraged to go out and root out the things we all miss, new and forgotten scenes.

Get involved

We love to hear from people that want to get involved, especially bright young things wanting to make a name for themselves. We only ask that you start by helping out with the smaller gigs so we can get to know each other and make the most out of what we’re trying to do.

We cannot offer any form of payment to contributors – we’re a voluntary magazine and only use advertising to pay costs.

We’re looking for journalists, feature writers, photographers, illustrators, designers, pr boys and girls, advertising gurus, marketing wizards and anything in between.

You don’t need any experience or need to be published to work with us, we just want people that are passionate about what they do. Our contributors tend to work without support from the editorial team, so you need to be able to work on your own, although we are here to help if you get stuck.

Photographers need to own their equipment – photography doesn’t need to be press standard but we can’t accept pictures taken on your phone! Some of our photographers will also take you out on shoots with them as assistants, this is a great way of learning more about photography that you otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to do.

Send an email to if you’d like to get involved.

  • The Modern Record is created by student freelance photographers and reviewers in Scotland who have the passion for music as well as gig photography and reviews. We like to follow the principals and practices - reviews and articles covering local and mainly unsigned bands who wouldn't otherwise be written about in the national press.
  • The Modern Record was founded in 2017 by Calum Buchan who been doing freelance photography for past three years, Paul Storr who been doing freelance photography and reviewing gigs over past couple of years and Lachlan Will who has been working with blogs himself over past few years. We're based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.
  • Our aim as blog is to help smaller bands get their work out there via art, photography and reviews. We also wanting to get our work out there so people can showcase our passion for music and photography. We're based in Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland.