Are all Ortofon OM Cartridges the Same?


Are all Ortofon OM cartridges identical? The answer is no. These moving magnet cartridges all share the same body construction, magnetic circuitry, and stylus unit. The only major difference is in the style and construction of the stylus unit. Luckily, all Super OM models are interchangeable. This makes it easy to match up the best cartridge for your specific needs. Here’s a look at the differences between the different OM models.

There are many differences between the two models. The OM20 features a nude elliptical stylus that offers a bit more refinement than the cheaper OM5E. The treble on both is nicely detailed, but not too forward or recessed. The treble is crisp, but not muddy. It strikes a good balance between sparkle and delicacy.

The Ortofon OM20 Cartridge series of cartridges features a removable weight plate. This makes them ideal for low and standard mass tonearms. The 2.5g mass of these cartridges makes them perfect for both types of tonearms. In addition, Ortofon has developed a unique cut-out nose to minimize the chances of stylus damage. In the case of Super OM models, the stylus unit is interchangeable.

The OM cartridges are also interchangeable. The Super OM costs $99 or PS95 for one. The 2M Red is a very affordable option, priced at just PS95. The two cartridges are semi-modular, with the 2M Mono and 2M 78 styli being interchangeable. The OM cartridges are also sold with a special cut-out nose.

The OM series features interchangeable styli. The Super OM-10 is the best choice for high-quality sound at an affordable price. The Super OM-10 offers a great price and excellent performance for any budget. They weigh 5 grams and have four millivolt output. The newer, more expensive model is the OM-5. It is a larger, more powerful version, which is ideal for low mass tonearms.

OM5E is the best option for audiophiles looking for a balanced and neutral sound.  When should Ortofon cartridges be replaced? The OM5E’s elliptical diamond stylus gives it an advantage over the CN5625AL, but it can be replaced with an Ortofon Super OM stylus for improved performance. The OM5E can be used with the Orbit Plus and Orbit Custom.

The Super OM Cartridges

The Super OM cartridges are similar in size and weight. They share the same internal structure and magnetic circuitry. The Super OM and Super MM series have interchangeable styli, and the Super OM is a more expensive option. The OM series features the same price and performance and is available in a wide range of brands. They are interchangeable, which means that the OM-10 and the MkII are the same.

The Super OM model is based on the OM lightweight system. It is equipped with a nude elliptical stylus. The OM Super has improved linearity and channel separation, reduced distortion, and is the most popular option in its price range. The standard OM is the most affordable and most widely available option. The Super OB10 and OM30 have similar performances.

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