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What Is a Turntable?

A turntable is a device for playing records. The device has two major functions. First it gives the record sounds a high sturdy signal. Second it enables the naked ear to hear what is recorded. Finally a turntable may be hard to operate without a preamp. A good preamp will give your record a crisp clear sound.

Record player

A Turntable record player is a great way to enjoy the old-school sound of records. You can choose from belt drive or direct drive models. Belt drive players use a rubber belt powered by a motor to spin the record. They provide decent audio quality with little rumbling and vibration and are ideal for people who want to enjoy the music on their own. These players can also be paired with a good pair of speakers for enhanced sound quality.

Both types of record players have their own advantages and disadvantages. Turntables are easier to set up while record players require a bit of extra equipment. They also require less space and can be easily transported. Turntables are more expensive than record players but can be a great addition to any music collection.

Both turntable and record player systems have a basic sound system and are comprised of a turntable amplifier and speakers. Some models include built-in speakers while others need an external amplifier. A turntable will usually need an amp to play vinyl records while a record player with a built-in amplifier usually has built-in speakers.

A turntable is a component of a record player and it includes a turntable a tonearm and speakers. A turntable is not an audio unit by itself and requires a separate amplifier speaker and preamp. A turntable can be purchased separately or as part of an entire record player.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Turntable

Whether you are a beginning vinyl enthusiast or an audiophile there are many things to consider before purchasing a turntable. There are differences in price quality and accessories among turntables and some features are more essential than others. You should consider the features that are most important to you and prioritize them before making your purchase. Also consider the space where you plan to place your turntable. Make sure that you dedicate a safe area for it and don’t leave it lying on the floor.

Audiophile turntables

Audiophile turntables are a step above the standard vinyl turntables with a focus on audio quality. Audiophile turntables have no compromises when it comes to sound quality and are generally more expensive. They may also require a separate phono amp and power supply.

A popular audiophile turntable is the Clearaudio Concept. It has been around for years and has been tested by several major Hi-Fi publications. Its price is also affordable.

Cheaper turntables

Cheaper turntables are a good option for people who want to listen to records without spending a fortune. If you are looking to listen to records but are on a tight budget consider buying one of the many record players made by Rega Music Hall Audio Technica or Technics. Each of these brands offer several affordable turntables in the $100-300 price range.

Cheap turntables can be just as good as the more expensive models but they may not have the high-end features. If you want to listen to records for a long time you should invest in a good turntable that can last you many years.

Used turntables

When you’re shopping for a used turntable there are a few things you should know. First used turntables have a lot of advantages over new ones. These include better craftsmanship and character. But the downside is that they are often more expensive. If you have limited budget you can still find an affordable model that will do the job.

Secondly a used turntable’s performance will depend on the type of cartridge you purchase. If the cartridge is not in good condition you might have to buy a new one. The frequency of stylus replacement also depends on the type of records you’re playing. If you’re using cheap records from Value Village the stylus will be worn out much faster than those in mint condition. However a general rule of thumb is to replace the stylus after a thousand hours of playback including time in the run-out groove.

Built-in preamps

Built-in preamps are a great option for beginners but if you’re more serious about your music external preamps are a must-have. Stand alone phono preamps have better internal components and are designed for one job: to boost the sound of vinyl records. Plus they add less noise to the system so you’ll get a cleaner clearer sound.

A phono preamp amps the signal from a turntable so it can be played through headphones or speakers. Most record players come with a built-in phono preamp but you should always check to see if it’s up to par.


Counterweights are important components of a turntable’s tonearm. They adjust the tracking force of the tonearm and make sure that it is not too light or too heavy. A tonearm that is too light or too heavy will damage the record grooves or cause it to lose sound quality.

A counterweight is also important for avoiding mistracking which is a sound problem that can be easily caught by the human ear. A counterweight is a round dial at the end of the tonearm. Purchasing a counterweight that has an anti-skate dial is important for preventing mistracking.

Record player compatibility

If you’re thinking of buying a turntable to play your music collection one thing to consider is whether it will work with your stereo. Many turntables come with built-in phono preamps that boost the output signal from vinyl records. However modern stereo systems rarely have this feature. Luckily you can connect a turntable to your stereo via a USB port making it easy to listen to music on the go.

Another consideration when buying a turntable is RPM (revolutions per minute). Most players play records at 33 1/3 rpm. Some however will run slightly slower as the needle gets closer to the center. Fortunately there are apps available to test the speed of your turntable.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Turntables

If you are interested in buying a new turntable you may have some questions about the different models. Here is a list of some frequently asked questions and answers about turntables. You can also read about Cleaning your turntable Buying second-hand turntables and Using a phono preamp.

Cleaning a turntable

There are a number of important steps to follow when cleaning your turntable. The first step is to remove any dust that may be inside of it. You can do this with a soft cloth or even the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. However be careful when touching the vinyl record surfaces as you can damage them. If you are cleaning a turntable with a vacuum cleaner you must hold the needle gently while the vacuum cleaner is running. When the vacuum cleaner is finished remove your fingers and clean the needle with compressed air. Also clean the platter and tonearm with a damp cloth. Avoid using cleaning solutions or harsh chemicals as they may damage the finish and electronic components.

Once the surface is clean use a soft lint-free cloth to remove any dust. You can also use alcohol to remove any fingerprints. The next step involves cleaning the stabilizer.

Buying a second hand turntable

Buying a second hand turntable can be tricky – they have so many moving parts and can be easily damaged if they’re not packed properly. It’s up to you to ensure that you’re buying from a seller who knows what they’re doing. While some sellers may try to be dishonest and ship their turntables without their original packaging others will be completely upfront about the condition of the equipment.

Buying a second hand turntable can be a great way to save money. Second hand items often come with aesthetic scratches although it doesn’t necessarily affect the quality of sound. These can often be great bargains if you’re not too concerned with aesthetics. However too many aesthetic scratches may indicate that the item was not well-maintained.

Buying a belt drive turntable

If you are a beginner or want to start a DJ career you may want to consider a belt drive turntable. These record players are cheaper than their direct drive counterparts and they also sound better. They also have fewer buttons and things to mess up. If you want to enjoy music without disturbing others a belt drive is the way to go.

The motor for a belt-drive turntable is usually located on the side of the device and the belt wraps around the platter. This means that the motor is far away from the platter which allows the manufacturer to make the turntable a little thinner.

Using a phono preamp

Using a phono preamp to amplify the sound from your turntables is a great way to enhance the sound quality of your vinyl records. Depending on the cartridge you use this can either enhance the sound quality or produce a harsh sound. Moving magnet cartridges tend to produce a louder sound than moving coil cartridges. To compensate for this difference in sound quality you should consider investing in a dedicated phono stage preamp.

When using a phono preamp with turnables it is important to choose a phono preamp that is compatible with your turntable. The phono signal comes from the turntable and requires specialized circuitry to amplify and convert it to a line signal. This circuitry is typically found in a dedicated phono preamp although some stereo amplifiers also contain a phono preamp.

Buying a direct drive turntable

Direct drive turntables have an easy-to-understand mechanism. They are powered by a motor that is located inside the plinth under the platter. The motor connects to the spindle through a rotor which spins the platter. This type of turntable can also be used for scratching records. Its fast RPMs make it popular with musicians and performers.

Direct drive turntables are much better than belt-driven turntables. Their torque is high and they are extremely sturdy. In addition manufacturers usually absorb resonance through the platter. The result is that the majority of direct drive turntables have excellent noise reduction.


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