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Best Violin Found On Antiques Roadshow – Comparison Table

Best Violin Found On Antiques Roadshow – 2022 Review | Which Is The Best

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What We Think About The Best Violin Found On Antiques Roadshow

A Beginner’s Guide to the Violin

The violin is a musical instrument that comes in many different forms. Some violins are bowed and some are hollow. The violin is the smallest and highest pitched instrument in the violin family. Its body is made of wood and is usually hollow. To get a sense of the instrument here are some of its main characteristics.


A violin’s sound varies according to the violin’s thickness string choice bow and playing technique. The timbre of a violin is also influenced by the player. The violin is a highly versatile instrument with an astounding range of timbres. Despite this the instrument can be difficult to describe.

The violin has undergone many changes since it was first invented more than five hundred years ago. Its shape has changed dramatically since its creation. Changing materials and construction methods have led to a plethora of different violin types. Modern violins have a wider range of sound and expression than their predecessors.

Violins are considered a classical instrument due to their shape and size. The violin is slightly smaller than the arm of the player which makes them more convenient to transport. In addition to being easy to use and transport violins also provide a rich learning experience. The violin also helps to develop important skills such as time management commitment and dedication. It can also be used as a cross-training exercise as it requires hand-eye coordination. The violin is a beautiful and intricate instrument and its materials are very high quality.


Violins are made from a variety of materials. One common type is rosewood. This is a hard wood that comes from tropical leguminous trees. Brazilian rosewood comes from the Delbergia nigra tree and is used for pegs and fingerboards. The density of rosewood is about 0.835 grams per cubic centimeter and its modulus of elasticity is 2000000 psi.

The violin’s string material is a very important part of its construction. Violins usually have four strings and are tuned to G. In the past violin strings were made of sheep gut or catgut. Nowadays however violin strings are made of synthetic materials. Some violin strings are made of synthetic fiber and other materials while others are wound by a metallic wire. Metal strings are the least expensive.


The construction of a violin involves several complex steps. The back and top pieces are usually made of maple and glued together while the sound post (also called the tailpiece) supports the top under the string pressure. The instrument also has a tailpiece which is usually made of wood or metal. Finally there are tuning pegs for the strings. A violin’s design also includes a bow which is made of horsehair strung between the tip and frog.

The first step in making a violin is to cut and shape the wood for its back and sides. This is done on a mold made of 15 to 18 mm thick wood. Once this mold has been cut a wood block is shaped to fit the mold’s cutouts. The wood block is then temporarily glued to the mold’s cutouts. After the glue has dried the wood block is then trimmed to the final shape of the inside contour of the violin.


If you’re looking for new strings for your violin you have a number of options. You can go for steel core strings or choose combination strings that have synthetic cores and gut coverings. The combination strings are a recent innovation that offers both stability and warmth to the tone. If you’re looking for the best value for your money try Larsen violin strings.

Vision synthetic core strings are extremely durable and are great for small instruments. They give a bright focused tone. However they lack the warmth and complexity that other strings can provide. For most violins you can use the Dominant A D or G strings.


Violin tailpieces are precision engineered components which require careful assessment before any changes are made. A mistake on the tailpiece could result in a poor performance or repeated wolf tones. Below are some tips to ensure a proper fit for your instrument. Make sure the tailpiece is of a suitable material for the instrument.

The most common wood used to make tailpieces is ebony boxwood and rosewood. Chinese makers sometimes use tropical woods including jujube trees. The most expensive wood for tailpieces is pernambuco which is known for its strength and resonance. However this wood is also the most difficult to work with.

Violin tailpieces hold the strings tight against the instrument. Traditional violin tailpieces are made from rosewood or ebony. These pieces can be used with either straight or wound strings. When choosing a tailpiece remember to keep in mind that the E string has the highest tension.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Violin for Your Child


There are several factors to consider before buying a violin for your child. First consider your child’s size. It is best to buy slightly larger than their actual measurement if they have room to grow. Purchasing a violin that is too small will only result in the child growing out of it so it’s better to choose a slightly larger size. The traditional acoustic violin has four strings that stretch across a maple bridge which transfers the sound vibrations from the string to the soundboard.

Buying a second-hand violin

One of the most important things to look for when purchasing a second-hand violin is its condition. Before making your purchase inspect the front and back of the violin as well as its case. Make sure there are no cracks or visible damage. Also check whether all of the strings are in good shape and the instrument is clean.

It is also a good idea to check for the accessories. Some second-hand violins may not come with the proper accessories which are usually available with the newer violins. Beginner violins should come with a case and bow and intermediate violins should include the same.

Getting a luthier to check the condition of the violin

Getting a luthier check the condition of the violin before buying is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality violin for the money. This inspection covers everything from the strings to the varnish and will ensure that the instrument plays well and sounds great. The luthier will also check the strings which lose their tone after about six to twelve months. They will also check the fingerboard to see if it’s scooped and will look for any other issues.

Getting a luthier checks the condition of the violin before buying can be costly but it’s well worth the money. A qualified luthier can identify mistakes that even experienced players make and they can also advise you on the sound from a distance. Another great way to ensure a quality violin is to buy from a recognized violin shop such as MP Violins.

Buying a violin from a legal source

If you’re looking to buy a violin it’s best to buy from a legal source. While it may be tempting to rent an instrument from a local store you should always remember that renting an instrument can cost you more in the long run. This is because violins usually come in 8 basic sizes and kids often grow out of them very quickly. In addition to this most rent to own stores raise their prices to cover their inventory costs. As a result buying a violin from a legal source will save you a lot of money.

Another key to buying a violin from a legal source is to look at the violin’s label carefully. You might come across a famous maker’s name but it doesn’t mean that the instrument is authentic. In fact thousands of violins were made in the 19th century as cheap imitations of great masters. Many people who purchased these instruments were unaware of where they had come from.

Buying a violin for a child

First determine the size of the instrument your child needs. Many violins are available in child sizes. A good violin store will be able to help you find the perfect size for your child. You may also want to consider a specialty violin such as an acoustic electric or silent model.

A violin should be easy to maintain and should have spare strings fresh rosin wiping cloth and a chin rest key. Although the chin rest key is usually attached to the instrument itself a bent hairpin or an eyeglass screwdriver can be used as a replacement. In addition to size the sound of the instrument is also an important consideration. A child’s first instrument should sound good and the instrument should look and feel good.

Frequently Asked Questions About Violins

Before deciding to buy a violin you should know some basics. For example you must choose the right type of violin and strings. Then you must decide on a luthier. The right luthier can help you find the best violin for your needs.

Choosing the right violin

Choosing the right violin is an important step for any violin player. You want the instrument to sound right and feel comfortable to play. You should try listening to different violins before making your purchase. You can also ask someone else to play the violin. While music store staff may not be trained violinists they may be willing to help you test the violin before you purchase it.

The first step in choosing the right violin is to decide on what kind of sound you’re after. Violins have different types of strings and the type you choose will determine the sound of your instrument. There are gut steel and synthetic strings available. You must also determine the style and look you’re after.

Choosing the right strings

Choosing the right strings for your violin is crucial for the quality of sound it gives out. There are several factors that go into choosing the best violin strings. Those factors include the gauge of the string the thickness of the string and the type of wood it’s made from. A violin teacher or luthier can recommend the best strings for your violin based on your preferences.

The gauge of the string plays an important role in the quality of the sound produced. Depending on your style of music you may need to use thicker strings to get a powerful rich sound. However some violins are sensitive to thick strings making the sound they produce very dull and fuzzy. Thinner strings can counteract this as well as help the instrument produce a brighter sound.

Changing the strings

To change the strings of a violin the first step is to remove the old strings. You should not remove all of them at once as this can make the bridge of the violin move. You should also keep the body tension of the violin in tact as you change the strings. This will ensure that you don’t cause any damage to the bridge.

If you’re not familiar with changing the strings it’s best to get help from someone who knows how to change violin strings. Professionals can walk you through each step. The process may seem difficult at first but it will become second nature after a few tries.

Choosing a luthier

There are a few important considerations when choosing a violin luthier. The first thing to consider is the level of expertise of the person you’re hiring. Obviously a violin made by a master violin maker will cost more than one made by a novice. In addition there are differences in the quality of the violin’s sound and the bow that comes with it.

The next important consideration is the type of work that the luthier is capable of. The luthier you choose should be someone who uses hand tools. They should be able to tune and repair the bridge.

Buying online

The internet is an incredible resource when it comes to shopping for violins. You can find a wide range of violins from leading brands at the lowest prices. However it is always advisable to purchase a violin from a store that specializes in this particular type of musical instrument. This way you will be sure of getting the best quality violins.

When buying a violin online be sure to read the description carefully. Even if the price is low you’ll still want to make sure that it’s in good condition. Most shops will state that the violin is playable but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in good condition.


We appreciate you taking the time to read our article on the best violin found on antiques roadshow. We hope that we were useful enough and that you will be able to make the most informed buying decision based upon what youve learned here.

Our team of experts in best violin found on antiques roadshow are available 24/7 and are likely to add new products in the mix of the ones weve recommended. We may also reduce or enhance the functionality of any of the products if we observe an improvement in performance.

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