Difference between Klipsch R and RPs

Difference between Klipsch R and RPs

The Klipsch Reference Series and Premiere are both wonderful speaker lines. They are both great speakers that deliver an optimum home audio experience. These two speakers are both known for their high efficiency, controlled directivity, Low distortion, and finally, Broad and Flat frequency response which greatly contributes to their overall performances. 

Klipsch Reference Series (Rs)

The Klipsch Reference Series is the latest iteration that combines technological advancement and modern materials to offer a more impactful, powerful, and quality home theater experience.

Klipsch 1065959 Reference Series R-120SW 12 inch 400 Watt High-Performance Subwoofer Bundle with Deco Gear 100ft Long 16 AWG Speaker Wire

This series is made up of 13 models and powerful monitors infused with cosmetic and material upgrades from the former Reference speakers and the latest advancement of technology in audio. It features 90-degree x 90-degree Tractrix horn technology in order to ensure quality, best clarity, and dynamic sounds at every given time. 

These series of speakers are also designed with aluminum tweeters and injection molded graphite woofers to ensure a broad and flat frequency response at a very low price point that these speakers delivered.

They are types of speakers that produce an ample amount of clarity and immersive bass with a smooth, open, and full midrange. The  Klipsch reference speakers are the ticket to get the signature Klipsch sound that you have always wanted at a very cheap price because they offer a lot of power and performance for the money.

They are recommended for critical listeners who want natural music sounds that deliver an emotional experience. 

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Klipsch Reference Premiere Series (RPs)

The Klipsch Reference Premiere series was launched early in 2015 and was reimagined in 2018. This series is considered a major flagship series of home theater speakers from which other premium home audio lines derive their sonic signature and tone. This series of speakers are designed with a titanium tweeter and patented Cerametalic woofers.

They also consist of two features that sonically separate them from the Reference series to give them a perfect and clearest sound. They consist of a 90-degree x 90-degree hybrid tractrix horn lens and the Tractrix bass port located at the back of the speaker models.

Klipsch RP-400M Reference Premiere Bookshelf Speakers - Pair (Ebony)


All these are developed in order to reproduce the music and movie audio with absolute fidelity while offering the widest and fullest frequency range at the same time. 

These sets of speakers are known to be the most cleanest and transparent sounding with a very low amount of distortion because the woofers and tweeters are designed to virtually remove all distortions that might come up to ensure the users get more intimate with their music.

Also, the Reference Premiere speakers feature a Linear Travel Suspension system which is solely responsible for the reduction of distortion and improves transparency to the speakers’ high-end frequency response. 

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Both Klipsch Reference and Klipsch Reference Premiere are quality speakers of the Klipsch series, these two models are capable of giving users a soothing and optimum sound experience. But the Klipsch Reference Premiere is considered the best because its woofers can vibrate as fast as possible without losing any form of energy due to flex and makes the speaker very efficient. This is considered a great advantage over the Klipsch Reference series. 

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