Do Phono Cartridges Wear Out?


A phono cartridge might not wear out itself but it has some components that wear out and might need a change over time. Depending on quality, these components might take a while before they wear out but they do eventually. The rubber part in a phono cartridge for instance may wear out and dry up with time, the stylus itself could pose a problem and might need a change to solve some other issues with the cartridge. 

, Do Phono Cartridges Wear Out?

Moreover, the performance of a phono cartridge is tampered with when a wrong input is been connected to a receiver. It is advisable to use the appropriate and designated input which has special equalization and extra amplification made specifically for phono cartridges. Also, the pickup coil of a phono cartridge can be damaged by a low-cost ohmmeter if the meter is positioned directly opposite the coil with no current limiting resistor.

Phono cartridges may either have rubber or ceramic cartridges, you can check Phono Cartridge Reviews to be sure of what you are going for. The rubber models have higher quality and tend to last longer. The ceramic models tend to have rubber-bridge with broken edges within the reeds and cantilever.

Choosing The Right Cartridge

Before choosing a cartridge, put into consideration questions like how much should I spend on a phono cartridge or how long does phono cartridge lasts. You should know the exact amount a phono cartridge should take from your purse in order not to opt-in for a cheap phono cartridge with very low quality or some outrageously expensive phono cartridges that do not worth the money. When choosing a model too, be sure of the number of hours they can last for or just how many years they take to wear out. 

You can either select an MM or MC phono cartridge for your turntable depending on your preference. You should however look out for the tonearm performance and the mechanical compliance of the phono cartridge, they have to be totally effective. Phono Cartridge’s tonearm and compliance are classified into three categories:

Tonearm Compliance

Low Mass = 10g Low Compliance= 5-10 μm/mN

Moderate Mass= 11-25g Moderate Complance= 10-20 μm/mN

High Mass= 25g High Compliance= 20-35 μm/mN

Getting a tonearm to match with compliance is just simple. A low mass tonearm is best matched with a high compliance cartridge, moderates with moderates, and sometimes high. All of these matched perfectly to produce an accurate combination and enhance the lifespan of the devices.


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