FL Studio templates do not just come to you in a dream, you’ve got to read more to learn more about the production inspiration. If it’s about learning a new style, arrangement, mixing, or a new genre of music, I got you covered as I’ll be putting you through some presets and samples of music production most especially on FL studio files. I will make you do it differently but let’s first go through FL studio files.

FL Studio Templates Inspiration

The FL Studio

FL Studio is ranked best in class Digital Audio Workstation(DAW). It is an absolute software music production vicinity that represents about eighteen years of creative developments of arranging, composing, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering high-quality music.

It comes with full-featured Advanced-grade plugins for both beginners and professionals. It presents a very unique workflow and tables everything that every other DAW delivers.


  • Allows multiple tracks in just a single click
  • Supports Mac OS
  • The time signature is easily changed
  • Various multiple arrangements in multiple tracks
  • Increased powerful mixing for track mixer
  • VFX level scaler
  • Auto Grouping recording tracks
  • Sample offset


The FL studio project files and template can be taken to advantage through many ways:

  • The project can be analyzed to master the arrangement and mixing.
  • It can also be used as a background jumpstart to personal new productions.
  • There is easy access to presets and samples from various projects.
  • A remix of original files can be done in form of a bootleg. 


  • The future House
  • Acid in the House
  • Tech House
  • Bass House
  • Pop
  • Trap 
  • Dubstep
  • Melodic Dubstep
  • Riddim

Some of these are discussed as follow:

The Future House FL Studio Template

Future House belongs to the group of popular genres of this time. Some different tips on making the Future House include:

The Nghtmre Strategy

This involves tightening up drums. You can start by clicking twice on the drum loop and move to the warp section. At the dropdown menu, change the first to Beats and the second to Transients.

Ensure the icon shows an arrow that points to the right then you reduce the amount in the small yellow bar that is, the transient envelope. At this point, the transients should get shorter and give the drums a brittle sound. Find the perfect area that gives the drum a golden sound.

Low Cut and Saturate

This mostly involves a low-end cut of sounds that go beyond deserved range with the EQ and the Saturator, mostly the sub and bass. This technique gives a clean and creative mix most especially at the low end.

The Saturator is also an awesome tool for livening instruments and sounds. It makes harmonic frequencies that give tracks thick, heavy, and colorful sound. They can be thrown on track and played with the drive, wet/dry, clip curve to get samples of its capability.

Acid in the House FL Studio Template

This is a full-length track for producers interested in learning the mixing and mastering of house tracks. It has amazing layering sound techniques and can be the beginning of a new great single, especially for Ableton Live users.

Template Specifications

It is an FL studio 20.0.4 DAW with Root Key A#m, BMP 125, Midi Channels 10, Audio Channels 28 with plugins used for Xfer OTT, Xfer LFO, Xfer Serum, RS Spire, and LD Sylenth1.

Tech House FL Studio Template

In this FL Studio template, users are allowed to turn off the Grid and set it to none in the Piano Roll to make amazingly organized beat sessions and make the best out of Tech House.

Template Specifications

It is an fl studio 20 software DAW with a C Min song key. It has a 70.3Mb file size with an Xfer Serum v1.286 and Nicky Romero Kickstart Vst Plugins and a time length of 6:07.

Creating the Tech House

FL Studio tech-house creation isn’t that hard as long as you have the right programming and samples. The samples are essential for the success of a new beat as the samples will serve as a guide to the new mixing. You can start with the simple kick and clap scheme. Insert the hi-hat pattern-maybe two on the off-beat.

Pan a clean hat to the left a little and a hi-hat sample panned to the right with some grid. Adding a closed hi-hat with a new groove, set up a simple scheme in the step sequencer then you move to the Piano Roll and open the notes then set the grid to none. Create the rhythm by dragging and dropping the note manually.

Endure creating interactions in the hats and snare while repeating the previous steps to create a funkier sound. For some movements in the sound, you can sequence extra cowbell and shaker then put reverb on the channel and automate it. Tag a bassline loop and a vocal sample and you realize you already have a great groove.

Bass House FL Studio Template

Future Bass House is made in the F Key with a tempo of 120BPM. It comes with great elements and recourses like the FLP that presents a thorough outlook at the arrangement and whole design of tracks.

Users can recreate the template of sounds with the stems of every element in the project, the MIDI files of the stem, and all Presets used in the Template stems. The FLP lets users learn the fundamentals of mastering and mixing as well as learn view effects on elements like Synths, Drums, and FX.

To get new grooves, users can also exchange the presets used with other samples to make changes and adjustments. FL Studio Bass House is suitable for producers interested in creating original and creative Bass inspired byJawz, Valentino Khan, Diablo, and the likes. The sounds and elements found in this template have already been mixed so it fits with others perfectly.

Bass House’s main melody is programmed with the Xfer Records Serum which allows personal editing to suit tastes.

  • 6 Sylenth1, Massive, and Serum Presets.
  • An FLP with 29 Samples.
  • 3 MIDI Loops.
  • 8 Construction Kit Stems.
  • Xfer Serum v1.209 and NI Massive v1.3.o.
  • FL studio projects v12.4+
  • Lennar Digital Sylength1 v3.032.
  • SynthMaster.
  • Fabfilter Pro-L
  • 12 Wav files

POP FL Studio Template

This particular template was created by Alexander Mironov, a perfect trend for vocal deep house and pop. It comes with an absolute arrangement together with chain effects, samples, presets, MIDI data, and automation. The FL studio template comes with all audio files, all Synthesizer Presets, MIDI files, and Audio channels together with FX chains and mixing.

  • FL Studio v20
  • Kickstart
  • Spire v1.1.X
  • BPM 115
  • MIDI Files, Preset, Project Files

Creating Beats

Start by studying the arrangements. Discover the techniques that were used to make tensions with the tracks and learn from each MIDI and Audio. Look for the way mixing has been done and how the track is processed. Study and learn the design of bassline patterns and melodies. Moreso, learn from the synth presets and be sure which settings were used for the different kinds of sounds, and most importantly, be inspired by what you’ve made. 

Dubstep FL Studio Template

This template presents quite a number of amazing Massive, Harmor, and Sylenth1 Presets. It is exclusive for awesome vocals, drums, and FX samples for FL studio users. It makes use of many new techniques like pitch modulation and reverb on drop synths that enhance the heaviness of sounds. The FL Studio template employs a wide range of production techniques and effects for creative grooves.

This genre is, however, a bit complex to produce well as a bunch of sound designing skill is needed to get a satisfactory dubstep sound. Some samples can be gotten to have access and get an inside look at its process.

  • Color Channels, Named, Samples and automation.
  • FL studio projects File v11.0.0.
  • WAV files
  • Record 140/70 BMP
  • Sylenth1 v2.2.1+
  • NI Massive 1.3+ is required
  • Correspond with FL Studio v11.0.0+
  • Izotope Ozone5

Riddim FL Studio Template

This template is influenced by the contemporary sounds of Virtual Riot, Panda Eyes, Monxx, and Phase one. The template is easily changed as the drums and instruments here are programmed in MIDI. The included plugins are Xfer Serum and Nicky Romero Kickstart with instant download and a hundred percent royalty-free.

The Serum Preset can be installed by navigating to Serum’s menu and then select the Serum Presets folder. The fxp files can be dragged and dropped into the serum presets folder that has been opened through the Serum.

  • Xfer OTT and Xfer Serum.
  • FL Studio 12.5
  • Nicky Romero Kickstart


If there is a file crash, it is perhaps due to a fault with one of the plugins. Ensure to check the positions of the plugins if they are on the right versions and if there is no fault with any. To find fault with any, you can try moving out the plugins from the original folder then open the files.

If it does open, add them back individually until there is a second crash, this is where you get to find which plugin is causing the crash. Moreso, check the version your FL Studio template is on if it needs a reduction, an increment, or an update. Endeavor to run the FL Studio as an administrator and open the 64 and 32 bit FL Studio versions.


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