How Long Does a Moving Coil Cartridge Last

How Long Does a Moving Coil Cartridge Last

Conventionally, equipment and devices’ lifespan are determined by how much we have cared for them; maintenance. Some devices have a limited lifespan while there are some you do not really have to worry about how long they last because you might as well throw them out eventually when you get tired of them that is. Simply put, while some devices are infinite, some are definite. Asking this question means you know that a moving coil cartridge has a definite life span, but how long?

A moving coil cartridge may have a definite lifespan but they last longer than you could imagine. Like I said earlier, it all depends on how well they are used and looked after. However, one simple fact you should note is that a moving coil cartridge that is abandoned or stashed in a hot and dusty attic for years will not last as a moving coil cartridge that has been indoor and in use for that same year. You might think you are keeping your turntable somewhere safe in the basement or attic, you won’t meet your cartridge well and in an unpleasant condition. 

How Long Does a Moving Coil Cartridge Last

Moreover, the quality and shape of the stylus also determine the lifespan of the moving coil cart. If it’s been suspended for a while, be sure it’s gonna affect the moving coil cartridge. The suspension is not healthy for the cart, especially with the hardened rubber parts in the box with it. This doesn’t deal with quality, quality will suffice when both are in use and one lasts longer than the other. More expensive cartridges tend to have higher quality than the less expensive ones, which explains why they last longer.

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However, you might think because your cartridge has a high-quality diamond, so it would not wear out, it really doesn’t work that way. Diamond styli also wear out. No matter how standard or quality your moving coil cartridge is, proper maintenance is the key.

How Long do They Last

Moving coil cartridges can last up to 2500 to 3000 hours when the records played on it are kept clean. This also helps maintain the stylus giving it a lasting performance. Moreso, if your cartridge has a standard diamond, then you can expect more from it.

As for the life span of the moving coil cartridges, there have been cases where it lasts up to 40 years and above because there are turntables from way back that still work till today without having to change any of its parts. Apparently, depending on the maintenance and neatness of records, moving coil cartridges can last up to 50 years.


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