If you’re looking for a good budget pair of speakers, consider the Ascend 340 SE. These speakers have great midrange, bass, and treble. The woofers’ new polygel cone material makes them able to reproduce fast transients and subtle details more accurately. In addition, the drivers themselves are much more efficient at transferring energy to the room.

The Ascend 340 comes with four ohms of impedance, so it should be easy to drive. This speaker can be matched with eight-ohm headphones. Ascend Acoustics’ Sierra 1 reference monitor is only available in black. If you’re looking for a more expensive set, you can opt for the more expensive Ascend 380, which comes in an elegant piano black finish.

Features Of The Ascend 340 Speakers

The Ascend 340 features a dual-dual-channel design, and it’s capable of handling two channels. The second channel can support up to six speakers at a time. The Ascend 340 uses a dual-channel configuration, so you can switch between them easily. The woofer is designed for both a 2.1 channel setup and a stereo. You can use two separate speakers on each side of the speaker to avoid interference.

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The Ascend 340s are designed for people with a wide variety of audiophile and professional experience. The Ascend 340 can make your listening experience more enjoyable. The Ascend 340 is available in piano black and piano silver finishes. The Ascend Sierra 1 reference monitor comes only in the black finish. The Ascend 340s are sold at $328 plus $8 shipping.

The Ascend 340s are very sensitive and neutral. They produce sound with no colour or texture distortion. This makes the sound very transparent and rich. Ascend acoustics 340 users have commented that they can hear instruments and voices in an excellent way. They also have a wide port, which helps them fit in a wide variety of spaces. It’s important to know the ohms for Ascend 340s in your audio system.

The Ascend 340 is a high-quality monitor. However, it is rated at 8 ohms, so it is not a good option for home studios. But it’s a decent budget-friendly option for those who want to make music. It costs $328 plus $8 shipping. Among its other features, it comes in piano black and has a 3.5-inch woofer.

Final Thoughts

The Ascend has a dual woofer. Its woofer is capable of capturing low frequencies and high frequencies. Nevertheless, its bass response is a bit inconsistent, and some users find it difficult to hear the bass properly. While Ascend is not as sensitive as the Emma, it has the same range as the Emma and is therefore an excellent budget speaker.


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