How to Сonnect MIDI to iPad?


I’ll be working you through easy ways to jam out those bands in styles through MIDI connection to iPad, just a few simple steps. Before any procedure, you should know that you will need an adapter in order to funnel the MIDI signal into your iPad. 

MIDI keyboard connection to iPad allows for several amazing features that let you operate easily on your iPad. Aside from the adapter, your kind of USB will also determine the type of connection to be used. Be rest assured, this article will work you through different connections with different types of USB. That being said, let’s soar through the explanation.

Connecting A MIDI to an iPad

, How to Сonnect MIDI to iPad?

You have limited Apple accessory options when using this keyboard with an iPad so, the best option you can opt-in for is the lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. This will allow you to simply connect your USB 2.0 cable from the back of the MIDI keyboard to the lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter paving the way to plug into your iPad.

You will be needing enough power for this procedure; a power supply to the iPad and the MIDI keyboard and then the power supply of the iPad to the USB 3 Camera Adapter.

From my research, the adapter option is the best of Apple adapters at the moment as it corresponds with all MIDI keyboards regardless of the source of power supply. So, whether the adapter has its own power supply or not, you can use it with the MIDI keyboard. Also, if the MIDI keyboard you are currently using has its own source of power supply and you can not afford a camera connection adapter at the moment, the lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter still remains your best option.

Moreover, you get the benefit of continuously charging your iPad when you use it with the lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, something you’ll have to keep charging over again if you decide to run it on battery. Let’s take a look at the connection kit of the Apple iPad Camera.

The Connection Kit of Apple iPad Camera

The iPad Camera connection kit is responsible for turning the lightning connector into a usable USB port. Always have it in mind when running this process that you have to plug the MIDI controller into the connection kit before anything, then you plug the connection kit into the iPad.

This procedure will help your iPad get familiar with your device. Although the connection kit does not have the musical universality that you find in iRig MIDI 2, it does possess non-musical versatility. Since its main job is to work as a USB port, you have the leisure of loading pictures onto your iPad from a camera or simply making a connection between your hardware keyboard and your iPad.

This is a simple solution for users trying to make an easy MIDI connection. You can easily get the connection kit for iPads with lightning connectors and even iPads that come with 30-pin connectors on sale at any time.

Other Easy Connections

For users with an iPad that comes with a USB C, you can simply make use of an adapter for the connection. You can also decide to get a USB B to USB C cable and follow the proper USB protocols if it comes with USB B. This is mainly because USB C drives better power compared to B and it is always better to be on the safer side while accessing external powers.

Also, if you have a MIDI keyboard that has only a traditional 5 pin MIDI connector, you’ll be needing a MIDI to USB interface that accepts MIDI and allows for connection to a computer through the use of the USB. Here, external power may or may not be necessary.

Final Thoughts

MIDI connection to iPad isn’t a lot to deal with. All you need is the right tool and the right procedure to get this working. For iPads that already come with lightning ports, another connection is the use of the Camera Connection Kit with USB A and lightning sockets. This way, you will be able to connect the USB A and the lightning cable for external power.


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