How to Change Ortofon 2m Red Stylus

How to Change Ortofon 2m Red Stylus

Ortofon 2M Red is a versatile cartridge that delivers great and dynamic sounds with a slight touch of warmth to the ears of music lovers. It consists of different features such as a tipped elliptical diamond stylus which is the most important part of it and some other features that contribute to its good works. This superior and quality stylus is a standard fit for 2M Red among other turntables.

It is a known fact that the Ortofon 2M Red is a unique model that is versatile and offers different kinds of advantages, such as the ability to replace just the stylus portion of the cartridge instead of the entire cartridge itself for a fair and cheaper price, the ability to upgrade from a red to a blue by just upgrading the stylus because they share the same type of cartridge and many more.

How to Change Ortofon 2m Red Stylus

This helps to save a lot of the hassles of having to realign or set up a new cart. Replacing the worn-out stylus on 2M Red is very simple, you can follow this simple procedure to replace the old stylus from your cartridge.

Firstly, you will have to lock the tonearm then slide the black plastic part of the cartridge forward gently until it slides off, then proceed to reverse the process with the new stylus. Do not forget to always check the alignment whenever you are replacing or swapping the stylus, after doing all these your new 2M stylus is readily available for action, there is no need for further adjustments.

This replaceable stylus is typically compatible with most of the other popular turntables on market today. Whenever you notice that your stylus is old or worn out, instantly swap or replace your existing Ortofon 2m stylus to improve the sound experience and performance of your turntable. 

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