How to Change the Needle on an Audio Technica AT-LP60


If you’ve ever wondered how to change the needle on an Audio Technica AT-LP60 record player, you’re not alone. Most of us have wondered the same thing at some point or another. As the cartridge ages, it loses its sensitivity. Sometimes, the stylus itself also needs to be changed. A good way to check the alignment is to use an alignment protractor. This tool will place a grid over the slot in the record platform. If the lines of the protractor line up with the edges of the stylus, it’s aligned.

, How to Change the Needle on an Audio Technica AT-LP60

To replace the needle, first remove the old one. This step is the easiest and most straightforward. Once the headshell is removed, you can then access the worn-out needle. To replace the tonearm, unscrew the tonearm lever. This lever is located beneath the metal tonearm. Then, lift the front of the cartridge and snap the new needle into place. It should stay in place like this.

Once the Cantilever is removed, you can then remove the old needle. Then, remove the headshell. The tonearm’s metallic headshell will hold the needle in place. Carefully remove it by lifting the front of the cartridge. Be sure to grip the Cantilever tightly. This will help you reach the needle easily. Once you’ve removed the headshell, you can then take out the tonearm.

The first step to replacing the needle is to remove the old one. The old needle is housed within the removable headshell. Once you’ve removed the headshell, you’ll need to reach the needle. You can remove it by unlatching the lever underneath. Don’t pull too hard – it’s important to lift gently and hold it in place. Once the headshell is out of the way, you’ll have a clean needle.

After removing the old stylus, you’ll need to clean the cartridge. It’s best to keep the cartridge clean and dry to prevent scratches. Using the new stylus will make the sound more pleasant. A new one will ensure that the music you play sounds as good as it should. If you want to restore the sound quality of your CDs, you’ll need to keep replacing the stylus every few years.

Before attempting to change the needle on an Audio Technica AT-LP60, you should make sure it’s seated properly. The stylus should be snug and not have a gap between the top of the stylus body and the headshell. Otherwise, it’s not seated properly. The new one will fall in and cause scratchiness. If the grooves of your record are wider than average, you may need to adjust the needle.

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