How to Connect Turntable to Receiver


Adding a turntable to your audio system is a great way to expand the entertainment system in your home and embrace the growth of vinyl records. You may be wondering how to connect your turntable to the receiver. Well, connecting your turntable is never a serious task; it’s a simple process. Below are steps and instructions that will ensure you correctly connect them.

Connecting Turntable to Receiver

, How to Connect Turntable to Receiver

If your turntable has phono input, you need to connect a preamp to amplify the signal. A preamp is a separate device that amplifies audio signals and equalizes the sound level with a CD player or other modern audio devices. You can also use a powered speaker, which often comes with a built-in amplifier. However, if your turntable does not have a phono input, you will need an external amplifier to connect it to your receiver.

The first step in connecting your turntable to your home theater system is to turn off your turntable’s preamp. Most receivers have a phono input, but the input for the turntable must be connected to the receiver’s phono input. If your receiver does not have a phono input, then you can connect your record player to the external preamp. Then, you can connect your receiver’s speakers to the preamp.

Connecting Through RCA Cable

A phono preamp is connected to the turntable’s grounding post. Then, you connect the phono preamp’s output to the receiver using an RCA cable. The RCA cable should have a grounding screw, but you may not need to use this one. You’ll need to use an RCA connection for this purpose, though, because it is more common to see RCA connections. Lastly, you’ll need a special type of audio input cable.

In order to make sure that you connect the correct RCA cables to the phono preamp jacks on the receiver, you must first connect the RCA cable to the turntable’s phono preamp jack. In some cases, it’s possible to use a standard RCA cable.

If you’re not comfortable with an RCA connection, the easiest way to connect your turntable is to use a receive, you need to connect the receiver’s line-level input to the phono preamp’s output. Then, you can connect your turntable to the receiver’s audio input with an RCA cable. The external RCA cable will allow a better signal to reach the receiver.


In order to make the connection between your turntable and the receiver, you need to choose audio input for the turntable. Then, connect the output to the phono preamp’s phono input. This way, you can connect your turntable with a high-quality receiver. By doing this, you can listen to your favorite music in your favorite room. You’ll be surprised how much better the sound will be.



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