Null files are encrypted files whose extensions are hidden or missing by a virus or the original owner, these types of files are somewhat difficult to open and at the same time easy to open only if you have an understanding of the file format. For instance, any  mp3 music player can open a music null file only if you have renamed the file and included the right ending extension, only in this case can the file be opened.

How to Open a Null File 

You can easily learn how to open a null file also called null image files on your phone and PC by following the easy and simple steps. Have you ever received or downloaded, a Null file on your phone or laptop but wondering how to open it or which software you should use to open it? Well, this article is you, read on and follow the simple steps below. Oh! Before then let’s quickly delve a little bit into what a Null file is.

What is a NULL File? 

A Null file extension is a type of malware that is usually used by some third-party Windows programs for a corrupted data file format. The null file is generated whenever a program process a file with corrupted data, and it cant be easily activated due to the issues with its content on the operating system. These types of files are mostly introduced using spam emails with malicious file attachments downloaded and run by unsuspecting users on the operating system. The null file extension is used to claim ransom from the recipient.

NULL Files in Cyber Terms

Null is a ransomware-type virus that is discovered by Michael Gillespie, a malware security researcher to encrypt different files using the AES-256 algorithm once it is infiltrated.

Null files are also sometimes utilized by cybercriminals that take a user’s files hostage and force the user to pay the perpetrator some amount of money to get their files unlocked. 

How to Open a Null File

Quick Answer: A universal file viewer is the best way to open a NULL file. Programs like File Magic can open many different types of files, depending on the format. Although, some files may not be compatible with these programs. If your NULL file isn’t compatible, it will only open in binary format.

There are numerous ways that can be easily used to open your Null file both on your phones and Windows devices. You can open your files with some Universal File Viewer programs such as the File Magic and others, so you can choose from them which is compatible with your file. You are free to choose whichever suits you to open your file.  So now, let’s get into more details on how to open all your Null files.

Open Null Files by Double-Clicking Them

The first and foremost way to open null files is to double-click them. You should try to open your null file by clicking the file twice to check if it will open on its own, but if that does not work out, you should use some programs that are capable to open different file extensions for your file.

Open with Universal File Viewer

A universal file viewer is the best way to open null files.  Try to open the null files by should downloading programs like File Magic to open your null file extension. Note, this program is capable of opening different types of files extensions but it also depends on the type of format. If the files are not compatible with this program, they will open in binary format and will not be able to open properly.

Open with Final Media Player and Miro

You can also open your Null files through the Final Media Player and Miro, but it is only applicable in Windows operating systems that is, it is able to open the file only on the device. Once you have a null file on your Windows devices, you have the opportunity to use the Final Media Player on your PC. Note that different programs may use Null files for a different purpose, so you should try this out if it will open your file extensions or not.

 Check and Note Your File Type

You will surely be able to open your file if you know the type of file you are about to open. To know your type of file, you should find the type listed in the file’s properties. Start by right-clicking the file, then click “Properties”  and look under “Type of File” to check the file type on a Windows device.

For Mac os, you should right-click the file then click “More Info” and look under “ Kind” to check the file type and open the file.

You should check the file type because it will enable you to know the exact Null file type and to check if it falls under the Uncommon Files category that can’t be easily opened. So you should opt for any dependable program used for Uncommon Files to open the file.

null_file_extension opener

Contact the Software Developer

If you have tried the various options to open your null extension file and still prove to be abortive, you should try to contact the software developer to get help to open your NULL file. The software developer or company is solely responsible to solve this type of problem, they will provide an informative guide for you or even a cogent tool for opening the file Null extension. This is also the best way to open a null file extension.

How to Open the NULL File on Android Devices and Online

When you have a null extension file sent to you or you downloaded it on your phone, you can easily open the files by simply downloading null files universal openers such as PDF Files Reader, File Sharing Manager, Magic Master, and WPS. After you have downloaded any of these apps, you can now go-ahead to open your null files. Note,  you should know the type of format before downloading these apps to enable you to know which type is compatible with your null extension file.

Null file Extension Formats You Should Know

These are the null file formats you should get yourself familiar with to enable you to quickly recognize which one you have with you.

  • Video (.mp4)
  • Music (.mp3)
  • PDF files (.doc, .txt, .ppx)
  • Images (.jpg, .png)
  • Html and css files (.html, .css)
  • Zip files (.rar, .zip)
  • Sound records files (.rec)


In Conclusion

The null file can be frustrating to open sometimes when you are stuck within opening them and having access to the content but believe me, all you need to do is to relax and follow the above different types of guidelines and instructions to get your file opened.

Null employs AES-256 as mentioned earlier as an asymmetric encryption algorithm and a unique key to encrypt and decrypt files. This key is thus stored on a remote server controlled by cybercriminals. So You should be careful when trying to open one.


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