The process of putting the belt on an Audio-Technica Turntable is simple and can be completed without any tools. First, unplug the record player from the power source. Next, remove the plastic platter cover. After that, remove the platter from the spindle. You’ll need to unscrew the C-shaped clip on the inner ring of the turntable. Save it for future reference.

You’ll need to remove the black felt mat to access the pulley on the motor. The belt will need to be centered around the spindle and taut to be effective. To test if the belt is properly centered on the spindle, rotate the turntable and remove the black felt mat. The gold-colored motor pulley should be visible, and the belt shouldn’t be stretched too tight or too loose. Once you’ve checked the alignment, you can insert the new belt.

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Once you’ve secured the belt, you can install the mat. If your turntable doesn’t come with a mat, you’ll need to purchase one. Once the mat is installed, you can rotate the platter to check if the belt is still taut. To replace the belt, connect the power adapter to the power jack on the back of the turntable. Attach the included RCAs to an amp or powered speakers if you have one. Then, pull the stylus cover – which you’ll need if you’re using an Ortofon or Grado cartridge – and place it onto the black post.

To install the new belt, remove the black felt mat and place the turntable on the center spindle. You should find a thin, taut belt. The belt should also be routed around the gold motor pulley. The easiest way to check if the belt is in place is to remove the black felt mat. Afterwards, you can remove the aluminum record platter and check the gold colored motor pulley. Note that the belt doesn’t wrap around the white colored post.

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To install the belt, you must unplug the turntable and disconnect the power adapter. You can connect the power adapter by inserting the RCAs to the rear of the unit. You can then plug in a powered speaker or an amplifier into the jack on the front. To install the belt, remove the stylus cover on the top right corner of the audio technica turntable.

Then, insert the belt underneath the small cap on the top of the motor. Make sure to push the belt all the way through the motor. Be careful not to twist it. This will prevent it from slipping down and getting damaged. Once you have placed the new belt on the motor, attach the C-clip to the bottom of the turntable. Then, replace the black felt mat on top of the aluminum record platter.

After removing the C-clip, carefully place the platter on the turntable. Hook the belt over the motor pulley. Be sure the belt is not twisting. It must be secured by the C-clip and the original red ribbon. Then, carefully place the platter on the turntable body. Then, replace the C-clip and pull the belt over the motor. After this, the audio technica turntable will be running smoothly again!

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The next step is to remove the black felt mat from the platter. You can then remove the black felt mat and insert the belt. You can now place the belt on the motor pulley, as well. Then, you should slide the platter back into the turntable. Then, you can insert the C-clip and insert the belt. Then, replace the C-clip. After that, you’ll need to put the plate back into the turntable.

The next step is to remove the C-clip. You can use your thumb and finger to hold the C-clip. You should also remove the black felt mat if it’s in the way. The C-clip will prevent the belt from slipping off. Then, you’ll need to slide the belt back into place. When you’ve done this, the metal rim will be visible and you’ll have to insert the new one.


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