How To Remove Turntable Platter


If you’re having trouble with your turntable, it’s easy to fix a broken platter. The first thing you need to do is disconnect power from the unit. There’s a chance of getting an electrical shock while performing this task, but this is not likely. Then, locate the center shaft and uncover the platter, which is a circular metal or plastic disk. You’ll also find a C-shaped clip attached to the center shaft that you can unscrew.

, How To Remove Turntable Platter

If you’re not able to remove the turntable platter, the problem may be with the belt. The belt is located beneath the small cap at the top. If you can’t spin the platter by hand, or even with the motor on, it might be a belt issue. Another sign that you need to replace the belt is that your music is playing backwards. If you can’t remove the belt, it’s likely an auto start limit switch or a worn out pinion gear. If you’re still having trouble, try cleaning the motor and lubricating the gears with SuperLube Synthetic Grease.

If you’re unable to remove the platter, you may need to replace the c-clip and the belt. If you’ve a new record player, you may need to replace the turntable platter. Fortunately, these steps are fairly simple to perform. All it takes is a few minutes and a few tools. And it doesn’t take long at all once you’ve learned how to remove the platter.

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Once you have a clear idea of what needs to be replaced, you can begin replacing the platter. If you’ve had this problem before, don’t worry! It’s a common problem and should be relatively easy to fix. The belt needs to be hidden under a small cap on top of the record player and can’t be accessed from outside. If the record player doesn’t turn on, it’s likely a belt issue. If the belt is broken, the platter will not spin when you try spinning it by hand. Alternatively, the music will be played backwards, as well.

Once you’ve found the belt, remove it. If you don’t see the belt, you may need to unscrew the base. Some record players feature access holes at the top. In order to replace the platter, make sure the belt is attached securely to the motor. If the platter is attached by a C-clip, it can be removed by removing the C-clip from underneath. If the belt is not secured, you may need to remove the motor from the turntable.

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The last thing to do is remove the drive belt. If there is one, you need to unhook it and then insert it into the drive motor. Then, insert the belt through the access hole in the motor. Be careful to put the belt cap on the belt to avoid slipping it. If the platter is not firmly secured, you can continue with the process of removing the drive motor. If it is, you’ll have to place it back into the base.

You can use a small screwdriver to pry the C-clip in the drive motor to remove the turntable platter. The belt can be replaced without removing the base. Usually, you can remove the platter by hand. If you’re having problems with the drive belt, you can simply disassemble the entire turntable. There are many types of record players, and they all work in different ways. So, it’s important to know how to remove a turntable and fix it correctly to avoid the possibility of damaging it.

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To remove the platter from a record player, first remove the circlip. The ring on top of the player’s case will help you pry it off. Once the turntable is freed from the motor, you’ll need to separate the belt. If the belt is loose, you will need to reattach the belt. You can then use a new rubber band to pull the platter from the body.


After removing the C-clip, insert a small screwdriver into the access hole. Then, hook the belt around the motor. Then, pull the belt out of the access hole by pushing it through the belt cap. The belt should rest on the body of the motor. Then, you can place the platter on top of the motor and test the sound. Once you have the platter out, you can carefully slide it out of the motor.

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