How to Upgrade Ortofon 2M Red to Blue

How to upgrade Ortofon 2m red to blue

The 2M series of Ortofon has rapidly become the de facto, cartridge and styli are interchangeable which ranges for the vinyl revival among the rest. This cartridge has outrightly earned a good reputation as one of the best sounding and affordable cartridges on the market. Its performance is top-notch which is semi-modular to make the upgrading effortless when the budget allows for it.

You can upgrade from 2M Red to 2M Blue because both of them are interchangeable, and the considerable fact that they both have the same cartridge body, it is only the stylus that is different. The 2M Red is a standard tipped elliptical diamond stylus while the 2M Blue is a nude elliptical stylus.

How to upgrade Ortofon 2m red to blue

If you already own a 2M Red, you don’t need any stress, all you need to do is just gently pull the red stylus out from your cartridge and slot your 2M Blue upgrade into the cartridge. The swapping or upgrade is very simple because the 2M cartridge is simple to mount, especially if it is with a Pro-Ject turntable.

The Ortofon 2m blue is an easy upgrade choice that anyone can make to enable them to add or listen to favorite albums for well-detailed and clear lyrics, it reveals a little extra depth and detail that was previously pushed further back with the 2M Red. 2m blue stylus offers the perfect balance of performance, dynamics, and affordability.

The sound it gives when comparing 2M red and blue, is far open that if not pushed to the extremes, it is very easy to enjoy it no matter the level of vinyl enthusiast or audiophile you are. People majorly upgrade to 2M Blue from 2M Red specifically because of how better and more distinct a nude stylus sounds. Since both cartridges share the same cart, upgrading from Red to Blue is a good choice to make.

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