How To Use Ascend Acoustics 170


For many people, the Ascend CBM-170 is the ideal speaker for music listening. Its frequency response is notably higher than most smaller speakers, and it is therefore recommended that you pair the Ascend speakers with a subwoofer. To that end, Ascend has teamed up with Hsu Research to offer a subwoofer to compliment the speakers. This allows you to listen to music without a subwoofer.

Ascend Acoustics created the CBM-170 SE loudspeaker with a goal in mind: to create a budget-priced high-quality bookshelf speaker that offers impressive sound quality at a reasonable price. The company focused on the woofer section of the speaker, while the tweeter section was designed to reproduce the most natural sounding vocals. The resulting product is a highly impressive affordable option for a high-quality audio experience.

Features Of The Ascend Acoustics 170

The Ascends CBM-170 SE comes with a two-way crossover. The woofer filter section is separated from the tweeter filter section. The crossover combines air-core inductors and bypass capacitors with gold-plated binding posts to provide a superior sound quality. Despite its high price, the Ascends handle loud volumes with ease. The Ascends have a good crossover, and it can handle a wide range of volume levels.

The Ascend CBM-170 SE is a budget-priced super-achieving mini monitor. It doesn’t have a flashy cabinet and relies on a high-quality components quality to produce a superior audio experience. Ascend’s CBM-170 SE is the best option for small to medium sized rooms. It’s not too expensive, but it does have some shortcomings.

The CBM-170 SE is a budget-priced supermini monitor. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for music lovers. This compact mini monitor is a great option for anyone who wants to improve their home audio setup. Its low price makes it an inexpensive high-end mini monitor. The CBM-170 is an ideal mini monitor for any home.

Ascend Acoustics has designed a computer-optimized double-layer crossover for the CBM-170 SE. It separates the tweeter and woofer filter sections. It also features high-quality gold-plated binding posts for a secure fit. Its dual-layer crossover design is the perfect solution for high-quality, affordable mini monitor. In addition to its great sound quality, the ABM-170SE is also a budget-priced mini mini monitor for those who want to upgrade their audio system.

Final Thoughts

While the Ascend CBM-170s are a bit expensive, their crossover is substantial for an inexpensive speaker. The Ascend CBM-170 woofer and midrange drivers are blending at 2.2kHz. The crossover points are located above the woofer and resonating from the two midranges. Ascend’s CBM-170s are capable of filling bigger rooms with high-fidelity audio.

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