How To Use Shure MV88 With iPhone


The MV88 has a stereo diaphragm and is made of high-quality black plastic and metal. It works with the iPhone 7’s built-in microphone. You can adjust its settings using the MOTIV app. Other features of the mic include EQ, compression, limiting, wind reduction, and channel swap. The microphone is paired with a cable that enables you to easily switch between polar patterns. Its big record/pause button makes it easy to record and playback.

, How To Use Shure MV88 With iPhone

Using The Shure Mv88 With an iPhone

The MV88 has a Lightning connector that makes it compatible with any iOS device. It is incredibly lightweight and has a high degree of durability, which makes it perfect for recording in the field. When the device is paired with an iPhone 7, the LED will illuminate so that you can monitor the sound. The MV88’s Shure Plus MOTIV recording app recognizes the microphone and provides instant recording functionality.

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The MV88 has a USB-C connector that connects to your iOS device. It is also wireless and compatible with other iOS devices with Lightning connector. It also has a Lightning-compatible microphone. To connect the MV88 to your iPhone, simply download the app. It will detect the MV88 as an audio device and provide you with instant recording capabilities. This way, you can begin recording your recordings even before you’ve started.

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The MV88 is a versatile microphone that can be used for recording either in stereo or mono. Its cardioid polar pattern provides high-fidelity recordings for amateurs and professionals alike. You don’t need to be a musician to record your music. Just connect the MV88 to your iPhone and start recording. It takes only minutes to connect the mic. After connecting the MV88, you can record your audio with confidence.

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The MV88 has a Lightning connector that allows you to use it in either orientation. Make sure to place it in a flat surface so that the microphone can be pointed toward the subject or the interviewer. Once you’ve positioned the MV88 on a flat surface, set the MV88 to MONO BIDIRECTIONAL in the MOTIV app. Alternatively, you can use the MV88 with any of your other favourite apps.

Final Thoughts

The MV88 is a versatile microphone that is suitable for recording in stereo and mono. It is also equipped with a mobile recording app that allows you to modify recording settings, choose different sound levels, and select the microphone’s sensitivity. As with all smartphones, the MV88 connects with the iPhone via a cable, which can be quite convenient. The MV88 can be used with the camera app or other applications on your iPhone.

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