How to Use Your Keyboard as a MIDI Controller


Do you have a music keyboard or digital piano lying somewhere in your home? Well, you can put that keyboard into proper use by using it as a MIDI controller. Speaking of MIDI controller

What is MIDI?

MIDI, or the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a standard audio language for computers. This technology is used to translate a recording or notation program into a sound that a computer can understand. With the help of a MIDI controller, your music keyboard is capable of recording and playing everything except audio. With this method, you can make any sound you hear into a synthesized note.

MIDI is an essential part of music and can be used as a MIDI controller on your computer. Using a MIDI keyboard on your computer will allow you to create music and control your gear. When a keyboard is used as a MIDI controller, it is possible to play songs, play drums, and learn other musical instruments. If you’re not a musician, a MIDI connection will let you practice, study, and sing.

Using a MIDI controller on your keyboard will also allow you to create music and record at night. You’ll be able to play songs while wearing headphones, which is an incredible benefit for musicians. Moreover, a MIDI controller can be used as a music keyboard. This will allow you to record your music without compromising your playing experience. The main advantage of a MIDI keyboard is that it can be adapted to work with all kinds of MIDI devices.

Using a Keyboard as a MIDI Controller

When you are trying to use your keyboard as a MIDI controller, you have to first check if you have a MIDI out port on your keyboard. So your keyboard has a MIDI out port? Great! You are now good to go. All you need are a USB to MIDI adapter cable and a midi software or DAW on your PC or Mac.

What you have to do is to connect the MIDI in of your cable to the MIDI out of your keyboard, then connect your USB end to an available USB port on your PC. After that, you can now check to see if any MIDI signal is being sent. Once your computer has successfully recognized the USB to MIDI adapter, you can now launch your MIDI software or DAW next. Most of these DAWs usually automatically detect the MIDI inputs on the computer, but if it does not, you can check your MIDI inputs settings and select your USB to MIDI adapter as the input.

That’s all you need to enjoy loading up your instrument and start playing your music and drums

How MIDI Controllers Work

When you connect a MIDI keyboard to a MIDI controller, the keyboard will send data that your computer understands. Those MIDI codes represent the different musical parameters of your keyboard. A MIDI connection is the easiest way to create an audio file. The more MIDI controls you have, the more likely you will be to get the sound you want.   

Reason Why You Use Your Keyboard as a MIDI Controller

Using a MIDI controller with your keyboard is an excellent way to use your keyboard as a MIDI controller. You’ll have full control over your music and your computer. Having a MIDI controller on your keyboard means that you can control your computer with your piano and other musical devices. The keyboard can be plugged into the MIDI interface and you’ll be able to hear the notes on your MIDI-compatible computer.

MIDI keyboards are the best choice for beginners. The keyboard’s MIDI output is a great way to get creative with your music. With a MIDI interface, you can easily send MIDI notes to your computer via the keyboard’s USB port. Your computer will automatically recognize this cable adapter and install it on your computer. Then, you can begin experimenting with different sounds and styles on your MIDI system.

Advantages of Using Your Keyboard as a MIDI Controller

There are many benefits to using your keyboard as a MIDI controller. The first is that you will have complete control over the sound quality of your recorded material. You can easily edit your mistakes and make recordings anytime, which can be invaluable for various projects. The second benefit is that you can use your keyboard as a MIDI controller with your favorite DAW. Here are five reasons to do so.

Another advantage to MIDI is that it is easy to use. You can save a lot of space and money by using a MIDI controller instead of a separate MIDI keyboard. Besides that, you can also record your drums from your keyboard without worrying about the nuances of a mic. By playing these sounds on a MIDI controller, you will be able to hear the natural feel of the sound that would otherwise be missing if you used a microphone.


If you’re new to MIDI, consider buying a MIDI keyboard. The simplest way to start using a MIDI controller is to create a virtual instrument. MIDI controllers are incredibly customizable, so you can use them for all sorts of musical purposes. You can use them to record audio in your computer or to play your favorite MIDI sequences in music software.


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