:PM PERFORMING AT THE SSE HYDRO, GLASGOW - 21.04.18                                                                                                                                     PICTURE: ALEXANDROS COSTA PHOTOGRAPHY

Alexandros Costa caught up with up and coming boyband :PM, just before they hit the stage at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro in support of The Vamps on their Night and Day Tour. The band talked briefly about their current single and the tour with the Vamps, as well some future plans...

Alexandros Costa: Hey guys, thanks for sitting down with me before you head on stage. I know you don’t have much time, so we will just jump right into the interview and get to know you guys a little more. How you liking touring with the Vamps?

Dan: Yeah yeah its just a joke really, we are just living in it. We are used to doing shows obviously
but nowhere near the size of this, but like every other weekend was a show and now we get to
wake up and do it every other day!

AC: How many dates are on it? How do you feel about them?

Alex: Not enough haha, its just a massive buzz the whole time, on stage, off stage. We came like
full circle: we started last Saturday and now its Saturday again, its gone so quickly. Five shows in
and its been mental!

AC: You guys still filled with the adrenaline rush after the first show?

Josh: All the time, it just doesn’t go, its an amazing feeling. Like when you get on the stage even
in soundcheck or from outside you are like “we are playing that?!”. We are used to playing smaller
venues, so we are just taking in every minute of it, embracing it and loving it.

AC: How did you guys start? I know roughly that a couple of you went to school together, and
that someone was someone's neighbour?

Joe: Haha you have kind of answered your own question there! Harry and Josh went to
school together. Dan was also in the same school, Alex was Josh’s neighbour and I (Joe) came in
after that. It just all formed really easily and it worked, we all just fit in and this has been what
its like for the past 3 years.

Alex: It's nice that we have all started from school cause we are all genuinely best friends, we
all really formed when we were very young, about when we were 12 years old but it became real about 3 years ago, we did an acoustic tour and carried on writing and creating.

AC: Are you doing an EP?

Joe: Yeah we are doing an EP first, and then album in the future. We just want something to
have on tour and for people to have when we are on tour, something physical you know?

AC: Who is the writer out of the group?

Harry: Dan. Dan writes the majority but we all contribute small parts.

AC: You have the name :PM - how did that start?

Joe:  Dan actually ate a really dodgy marshmallow, so we went with the name :PM, like poisonous
marshmallow... Hahaha no like this is a secret, its like a fun game we play with our fans. Not many
people know the real reason, there is a few but we like to keep it a secret!

AC: How many times have you been to Scotland? How are you enjoying it?

Josh: We’ve actually been to Scotland quite a few times actually! We’ve played two of the
major cities, Glasgow and Aberdeen. It wasn’t just one UK Tour, so we have came to Scotland
quite a lot. its quite nice and it's a different scene, I had only been once before we played here.

Dan: We were driving up here this morning and Alex was just looking out the window saying
"It's great, its just great!”

AC: Your single “Driving Me Crazy” dropped recently - tell us how this came about?

Dan: We basically wanted to get as much energy as possible into a song. When people see us
live it's full of energy - the whole time we're running around on stage, jumping about and we had to get
that into a song, We didn’t want to over complicate it, its quite a short song with a simple hook
and it came out exactly how we wanted it to.

AC: The Daily Star recently called you “the next big boy band”, how does that make you guys feel?

Dan: It's something to be humbled by, we’ve said this before that we never set ourselves out for that. It's great that we get comments like that, and obviously people are liking it. Like we are just about to go out and meet some fans in the queue and thats why we are doing it, for the fans and the music.

AC: Whats been your favourite show of this tour so far? And whats your favourite show of all

Joe: I think its the same one actually, Everybody answer on three: one, two, three.....                              :PM: Sheffield!

AC: Sheffield it is! Harry you said that really loud haha. Harry why’d you enjoy Sheffield?

Harry: Sheffield was great, it was massive! It was the first show of the tour, and it was the first
arena, close to home. Dan actually just started shouting ''Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire'' and
they shouted it back and it was incredible.

AC: Upcoming shows, what's the one you are most looking forward to?

Alex: It’s got to be the O2 Arena hasn't it, it just looks incredible! Also excited for Ireland: we're playing Belfast, we fly out tomorrow for it. And then once the tour is finished we are going to start our own headline shows that are now hopefully thanks to this tour are going to be a lot bigger, which we are super excited about. Ending in Manchester will be phenomenal, the whole tour is just great!

Thank you guys for doing this interview, wish we could talk for longer but you have an arena show to smash!

:PM: No thank you! We are super excited to hit the stage and play to GLASGOW!


14th April 2018 - Sheffield FlyDSA Arena
16th April 2018 - Bournemouth International Centre
17th April 2018 - Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
20th April 2018 - Newcastle-upon-Tyne Metro Radio Arena
21st April 2018 - Glasgow SSE Hydro
23rd April 2018 - Belfast Odyssey Arena (SSE Belfast)
25th April 2018 -  Dublin 3 Arena
28th April 2018 - London O2 Arena
29th April 2018 - Brighton Centre
1st May 2018 - Nottingham Motorpoint Arena
2nd May 2018 - Liverpool Echo Arena
4th May 2018 - Birmingham Genting Arena
5th May 2018  - Manchester Arena


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