1. We're a Scottish Blog and have been following since you first started, how do you feel the reaction has been since day one?

"It's been incredible man... It's been a big shock!"

"I don't think we never meant to put out 'Bruises' then expect the reaction it got."

"Yeah it's been good, I've been trying to play catch-up with myself at times, which has always got it's downside but think we now caught up a bit... everything went so fast so now we're at safe area - Now we have to go get ready to go on Tour".

2. Songs at you've release so far, now do feel where you can go from there now?

"Erm... I think... just releasing more good music!"

"I also want to try out different things and also trying more collaborations... that song we did with J
essie Reyez was really good and would like to do more of that stuff"

3. So i suppose you're building up to your debut album now?

"Yeah man... the album is out next year at some point. I've not finished yet but i probably should have"

"But yeah we will build upto that but we'll continue touring and releasing more singles before then"

4. How to do feel about touring different venues from starting at smaller venues to bigger venues in like your hometown ect.?

"Yeah it's incredible man... playing two Barrowlands shows in November is going to be very special"

"But yeah this something at myself and my managers didn't expect the live-side to be as massive as this... We played a London show last year on October tour to about one-hundred people and now we're playing to about one-thousand people in November this year"

5. On your last tour you performed at Glasgow's O2 ABC, how do you feel what's happened to venue because of School of Art fire?

"It's horrible man... it was one of my first biggest shows. I really hope it does re-open - apart from playing the venue i used always go see bands and artists perform there to"

6. How do you feel supporting artists like Rag 'N' Bone Man and Niall Horan on tour?

"Yeah Niall Horan he's brand new... he messaged me on Instagram Messages asked what i was doing those two nights back in March and he loves my stuff".

"Rag 'N' Bone Man and Sam Smith have been incredible and really grateful what them giving me the opportunity to get my music out there... also supporting likes of Seafret and Milky Chance to has been incredible".

7. Noticed you also played TRNSMT festival recent back home?

"Yeah i played last year on King Tut's stage and this year on the Main-Stage, it was my biggest hometown crowd so far and for them give me the chance move up from King Tut's to Main Stage is massive jump at a festival and their investing in new artists is insane, they did the same with Gerry Cinnamon".

8. Also seen you performed duet with Nina Nesbitt on stage as well at TRNSMT?

"Yeah man we did at TRNSMT and also last week at RiZe festival in Essex".

"Yeah was incredible and she's also coming on tour with me in UK and EU over October and November, we will try do the song together every night of the tour". 

"She's incredible, really happy with what she's managed to achieve and what she's doing from previous album".

9. How do you feel about performing at this year's Reading and Leeds festivals?

"It's cool man... i always said we'll go to Reading and Leeds festivals this year and i had something at the back of my mind saying don't go to a nice festival this year... but yeah it feels very special to be playing Reading and Leeds festivals - The atmosphere at these festivals is always amazing, i'm not expecting any mosh pits ect but we will see how it goes i guess..."

10. Saying before you performed at TRNSMT Festival, did you ever get the chance perform at Scotland's Biggest Music Festival in history... T IN THE PARK?

"No, sadly not man... but i did go every year i could, it's really sad of what happened but i do hope it comes back, but with TRNSMT being there it's good to have something new and different for few years, but i do think something will be back in couple of years to come."

11. So when you do finally release your debut album, do you think you will perform in other parts of the world besides the UK?

"Hopefully man... we'll just back from Australia, and America. If this what I've done so far that has taken us out to countries on other side of the world then it's incredible. Yeah man, the travelling this year been good and can't wait see what future holds."

12. Is there any place so far you've been which you've really enjoyed?

"Japan was f**king incredible, we played Fuji Rock festival and Splendour in the Grass in Australia which was incredible to. We also played two headline shows in Sydney and one in Melbourne... So to be all around the world is just amazing."

13. Is there any artists or bands out there at you look upto?

"I was massive Paolo Nutini fan, Kings Of Leon, massive Maccabees, Sam Fender, Yungblud, Ten Tones all brilliant, Tom Grennan is f**king incredible, Grace Carter and many more."

14. Last question... is there one place in the world where you would really like to play?

"I would like to do Glastonbury... hopefully next year, play Coachella as well next year, Red Rocks also, Mad Cool to and Barrowlands which i'm already doing and maybe The SSE Hydro at some point in the future but we will see."




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