1. Notices yours are based in Los Angeles, is the right?

"All tranplants to Los Angeles, but Steve is from Pittsburgh, Jack from Texas, Lee from Isle of Wight and Luke from Birmingham".

2. Yours have released some singles lately, just wondered how's the reaction been with them?

"Basically when we introduced the band, we popped out "Burn Forever" and we had good response from it... BBC Radio 1 rock show Daniel P Carter love it and gave it some spins."

"When we came over to do that tour with The Used which orignally got cancelled we popped up another single called "Thieves" and the response was really good for that, but because that tour got cancelled it was kinda sliverlining for us, as we managed to book a couple more shows and surrived, but Dan and Kylie from BBC Radio 1 rock show, heard we were a bit of predictament so gave us slot on Live Lounge which was great opportunity for us. Also gave us the chance to put out some more songs out there! Also legendary thing to be part of as well."

3. How's touring been in other parts of the world or wherever?

"Dude... this is like our nineteeth show!!!"

"We did thirteen shows in England the last time we were here, three in L.A and two headline shows in Newcastle and Glasgow".

4. How was playing in Glasgow, as I'm from Scotland?

"Dude... f*ck man! Here's the thing, any band i've been in and we've toured Glasgow... it's like a nut job! It's like i always love going to Scotland, i've got friends in Glasgow and Edinburgh. I remember driving upto Inverness to play Ironworks. Aberdeen as well man!"

"Like yeah bascially you could always relie on Scottish crowd to be wicked! Last night.. night before was wicked!"

"It was good turn out, people were just into it!"

5. Have yours got anything you will be releasing soon?

"We have album... it's been recoreded nine months... and everything just happened so quick!" 

"We've literally just got management but haven't got a label yet!"

"So we've just been given tons of support slots ect. we've decided we needed put something out physically now... so we've got the EP coming out next week on 31st August (digitally) and then we have physically twelfth inch LP limited edition coming out 21st September. Like basically we didn't really want put anything out yet but due to all response we have had recently on singles we thought would be best put something out now".

6. So has there been any other bands you've supported so far apart from The Used?

"We did our first ever show with Moose Blood in L.A , show with Saosin as well and a few shows
with The Used in the states!"

"Now when we we return to the states we will be playing Hell or Highwater".

"But yeah.. we were suppose to play this tour with The Used over a year ago before it got rescheduled!".

7. So is this like your first big festivals ever?

"Hell yeah!... dude this is like our nineteenth show ever."

"So the fact we've played with all these bands, including The Used and played Reading and Leeds all in nineteen shows... You know this a bit unreal... so we're ready to play our dues. so it's really a bit crazy!".

"Reading and Leeds has always been one of dreams to play."

8. So from your set today are expecting a big turn out? Are doing anything different to what you normally do on stage?

"Honestly we were talking about this earlier today... we're just going turn it as high we can do, we were shocked at the time we've been put on stage and when you look at the bands and artists playing the bill this year, we thought we would be opening up one stages and paying our dues... but no doesn't look like that so we don't really know what to expect really"

"We just hope some people has seen our music and turns up so we've just see what happens!"

9. So what got yours started into music

"Definitely our fathers."

10. Is there any places in the world yours would dream to play at some point?


"We put a bucket list of festival runs for 2019 and sent it to our manager.... what is chances of playing some of these festivals... absolute Reading and Leeds which we're already ticking off our bucket list this weekend... also other festivals we would like do are Purplepop, Hurricane Festival, you know.. Summersonic in Japan, Sziget festival in Budapest, but yeah we would love be put down for some festivals next year".

11. So out of the nineteen shows you've played what has been best show out them all?

"London show on the last tour" and "Third show with The Used was probably the biggest show we've ever played and definitely one best crowds ever!"

"London show was one craziest shows we've played was same night as Rock Show and was about 100-cap venue and was great way to end a difficult run for us".

12. Is there anyone on the bill you want to see this weekend?

"We want to see Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes playing secret set in The Pit Tent.. I'm excited about that one"

"We also went to see Dinosaur Pile-Up... but also load bands playing Saturday which we can't see as we're going to Reading!"

13. Is there any bands out there yours really want have the chance support?

"Foo Fighters... Biffy Clyro, big Biffy fan!"




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