1. So yours are I The Mighty?

"Yes Sir!"

2. So how far have yours traveled today to come to Leeds Festival 2018?

"So we travelled from San Francisco to Reading Festival yesterday and then have came up from Reading Festival to Leeds Festival today."

3. This is your first time at this festival this year?

"Yes it's our first time playing Reading and Leeds festivals, but we did play Download Festival last year... which was pretty fun!"

4. How was the difference in the crowd attraction from Download and Reading festivals?

"We would say, Download is more hard-rock 'n' roll festival, whereas Reading seems to be more of a collective type of festival with it's different styles of music."

"But both are very both rock still."

5. So when did yours start as a band then?

"2008... will be ten-years in October."

6. When yours eventually started releasing music from singles to EPs and albums, when did you first see a connection with UK audiences?

"We think we've always had connection with the UK and other parts of the world... we started when MySpace was still a thing and we got tons of messages from fans around the world saying they loved our music."

"So it did really drop the start of our career... So when we did first come to the UK, we had people coming to shows to see us and we did have people flying from other parts of the world like Israel and places like that who came and see us at shows, but we still haven't been to main-land Europe yet."

7. Have yours done any UK shows over the years?

"Yeah man, but we haven't done any headline tours yet, we did do one headline show in London and supported a lot of bands around the UK, but haven't done a headline tour yet... but hopefully soon!"

8. How's the difference with crowds here and back at home?

"I don't think there is a really a difference, but more at a festival... people in the UK seem to be more for rock 'n' roll over here, compared to what we experience day-to-day in the states."

9. Have yours ever had the chance to play up north in Scotland?

"Yeah, we've played Glasgow three times." 

"We love Glasgow... we love the drive up from southern England."

"We would love to play in Glasgow again and also play in Edinburgh."

10. Has there been any favourite venues yours have played in the past ten years?

"We've played Cathouse in Glasgow, that's a cool spot!"

"Like we've all venues we've played are very cool, but especially O2 in UK as their very dope... all the venue staff in the UK, Scotland are all very friendly."

11. Is there any show which has stand out in the past ten years, any show or any festival?

"Think was Lake's birthday, we were playing a sold-out show with hands like horses in London.. it was our very first UK show, that was pretty incredible."

"I also think the very first time played in New York as headline show in 400-cap venue. New York is our main market."

12. Is there any parts of the world yours would love to play which you haven't had the chance to yet?

"Definitely  mainland Europe! Probably other places such as Australia, Japan, south-east Asia, Russia ect."

13. Is there any bands or artists out there right now who has inspired yours to be a band?

"Yeah man, but probably changed a lot of times over the past ten-years, we basically like a bit of everything!"

14. Any new music in the pipeline which we can expect from yours?

"Yeah man... probably within the next month or two, but not a new record, we will be starting work on new one soon."

15. What is your favourite thing being in a band?

"Probably would be writing and producing music with your friends and getting reactions from people around the world who are saying the like your music... nothing comes any better than that."


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