1. So yours are… ‘THE BLINDERS’ ?

"Yes We’re”

2. So how do you feel about performing at Reading and Leeds festivals this year?

"Yeah man… it’s great! We came as teenagers and enjoyed it.. so to play it this year it’s special and play on other side it’s different and great.”

”We’re really excited to play.”

3. So how was performing at Reading festival yesterday?

"It was a wash out man… although was great for the people come out and see us perform."

4. Noticed yours have recently just came band over past year or so.?

"Yeah… over last couple years we’ve been together, but over past year we have came onto the scene, especially this year.. when we got signed to Modern Sky records and we’re releasing our debut album ‘Columbia’ next month.. so this year is very special year for us.”

5. How’s the reaction been so far… with singles yours have released already?

"Surprisingly good… we’re still building upto our debut album, but reaction to the singles has been great.”

”Also nice to see us to get our music out there as well as a band.”

6. How's touring been like around the UK and that?

"We’re going on tour in October till November, with twenty-two dates.”

7. How’s the reaction been with previous shows yours have done?

"Yeah been great man. We did a little tip-toe show back in February that was awesome.”

8. What does feel like about headlining BBC Introducing stage at Leeds Festival this year? It must be a massive opportunity for yours?

"Yeah man… it’s incredible for them to back us, as a band coming up you do want backing from a related source and BBC is massive platform for us to bounce on… It’s also something we didn’t expect to get."

9. Have yours performed at any other festivals this year?

“We haven’t really played many this year… just couple little ones like Kendall Calling, but we’re coming to do Festival No.6 next week which is great little festival.”

10. So what you’re planning to do next after debut album?

"We hope to get back into the studio next year to write, record and produce our next follow-up album, so moving step for the band as we have working and performing our debut album for a while now and would love move on after it’s long-awaited release next month.”

11. Is there any inspiration anywhere for what we can see in your music as a band?

"Erm… think our the tone of our music comes from a punk side and alternative rock side, but lyrically it can come from anywhere?.”

12. Is there any part of the world, yours would eventually want to go play in as a band?

"I think we would eventually want to go play in the States, which is right step for any band or artist… main-land Europe which we haven’t stepped into yet, other places like Australia and South Asia.”

13. What has been your favourite show yours have played this year or in general?

"It’s funny you have said that, it’s probably got to be Reading and Leeds Festival this weekend.”

”Also performed at two headline shows in London and Manchester this summer and they were awesome.”

14. What do yours like being in a band or best thing being in a band?

"To go from what seems to be climax to climax is a great feeling.. yeah to be able to progress from people discovering our music is a great feeling. We just love writing and performing.”

15. Have yours managed to catch anyone performing across weekend at Reading and Leeds festivals?

"I don’t know… we’re sitting right now talking to you.”

”Nah… we haven’t really managed to catch anyone as we’ve been trying travel from festival to festival. but really to just be performing at festivals is great feeling.”

16. Is there anywhere in the UK yours would eventually want to play?

"Playing small towns and places don’t really see bands playing in is something we would love to do.. but really just drawing in crowds where we would really want to do would be awesome.”

”We would love to play Glastonbury and other festivals abroad but we would loved to play T in the Park in Scotland if it was still about but we did play TRNSMT which was epic.”

18. What advice would you give to upcoming bands?

"be yourself and don’t feel down as one day your moment comes to you.”



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