"We caught up with wild front after their performance at leeds festival 2018!"

1. So yours are a band called 'Wild Front'?

"Yes that's right!"

2. How far have yours travelling today to come to Leeds Festival 2018?

"We played at Reading festival yesterday and also played a festival in hertfordshire as well last night."

"So we did a lot of travelling yesterday... a lot of driving in the past few days."

3. So how was performing at Reading festival yesterday?

"It was amazing man... probably one of favourites festivals of summer run."

4. Noticed yours had already played earlier today at Leeds Festival, how was it?

"Yeah we already performed earlier today... both sets at Reading and Leeds festivals have been incredible."

5. With your music, how do you feel the reaction has been with your music so far as a upcoming band?

"We used to be in other band and had been performing for the past eight years, but we become 'Wild Front' three years ago have been performing under that name since."

"So yeah since then when we changed the name and our image... the reaction as been really good and that's probably why we have continued with the new name and image."

"So the first track we put out on Spotify has had like 1,482,348 listen views... which is pretty surreal for us."

6. How's touring been like around the UK and that?

"So yeah.. as previous said we've been touring around the summer at festivals, which has been really great... we also have a headline tour coming up in October, we be playing in Southampton, Brighton, London, Liverpool and Newcastle."

"Really just a very small tour, we have played other places including Scotland on the previous tour, last year... it was pretty amazing and we also played at Party At The Palace earlier this month and because we're from Southampton and huge travel up to Scotland so that's one the reasons why don't play much up there."

7. Is there any new music out in the pipeline... like a album?

"Yes... new album out in May next year, so up till then, we will be releasing more singles."

We will have a new single out on 5th September... we're pretty excited about this."

8. Have yours had the chance yet to play shows outside the UK in other parts of the world?

"We have played a couple of festivals, Mad Cool in Madrid recently, a festival in Brussels, but we haven't done any headline-shows yet other parts of the world apart the UK."

9. Has there been a favourite venue yours have played so far as a band?

"Definitely gotta be KOKO in London... We supported 'Air Traffic' there.. which was pretty good... it's amazing a venue."

10. Is there any other festivals out there you've enjoyed playing as a band so far?

"There's definitely a few, probably the highlight has been... Isle of Wight festival and we opened the main stage at British Summer Time for Paul Simon at Hyde Park in London this summer."

"Those two have been massive huge moments for us and will be memories to look back out, although we did play Glastonbury Festival the year before which was incredible moment for us. Also Reading and Leeds this year which been on our bucket list."

11. Is there any other countries out there at yours really want to play?

"We would definitely would love to play the States! for sure. Would be a dream to different states in a touring van."

"We would also love to play main-land Europe which would be wicked"

12. Where would you like to see yours go as a band in a couple of years time?

"Erm... i guess the aim each year would be sell tickets, put out more new music and play bigger shows. Basically just doing what other bigger bands have done to get where they are."

"Although it is hard right now with streaming nowadays which more about getting a single on a playlist... we're still pretty much still old school, where we would listen to albums of body work, and we would like to see people listen to our music like that as well." 

13. Is there any music inspirations out there that got you into your music?

"We are big Pink Floyd fans, inspired by likes of Bon Iver for sure. a bit of mixture of music really."

14. One last one... what do you like being in a band?

"Think we've because we've been playing for years, and some of us known each for longer, it's just really like writing and producing music with the people who've always played music with is very important to us."



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