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We speak to Los Angeles rockers… Bad Suns ahead of their upcoming UK Tour which kicked off in Glasgow other night.


1. How are you BAD SUNS?

“Wonderful. Sitting backstage in Glasgow before a sold out show.”

2. How do you feel about coming across from LA to play a headline tour across the UK and EU… is this first time over here or been over here before?

“We’re delighted. We’ve played a handful of shows in London and we debuted in Manchester last year. Otherwise, this is our first European tour and we’re having a blast.”

3. Have you ever been to Glasgow before or is this first time? Have you heard anything about Scotland in terms of music and atmosphere etc at gigs?

“This is our first time playing in Scotland. To be honest, we’re not too familiar with the scene out here, although we have some friends who’ve been through King Tuts in the past and we’ve been told it’s a real rock and roll town.”

4. What other bands have you toured with?

“The Neighbourhood, The 1975, Hunny, Halsey, to name a few.”

5. How’s touring life being and being on the road?

“We love being on the road. Especially seeing as we spent the majority of 2018 at home, writing and recording our new album ‘Mystic Truth’.”

6. What can fans expect at your upcoming shows?

“An immense amount of energy and a real good time.”

7. Seen you have released some new singles lately, just wondered if there was anything else in pipe-line which we can expect from you?

“We have another new track out in February and then an album out in March.”

8. How’s the reaction been with the current singles yours have released so far… in the US and globally?

“We’ve been very pleased with the reaction thus far. It feels so good to finally have more music out in the world and to know there’s more coming.”

9. Is there any favourite show you have played yet in your career as a band?

“As you could imagine, our aim is to make each show we play the best we’ve done. However, there are certainly a few which come to mind for specific reasons. Our two night stint at the Fonda in 2017 was a highlight for use, having been to so many great shows there in the past. We take pride in the fact that our Los Angeles crowds subvert the arms-folded stereotype. Coachella was a major dream come true as well.”

10. Have you got any plans for summer like music festivals? If so, which ones?

“So far our touring calendar only extends to the middle of May. More on the horizon!”

11. Are there any dream places in the world (music venues, countries or music festivals) you would eventually love to have the chance to play?

“We’re hitting a few of them on this tour! Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin; we’re so excited. We love to travel, and we’ll play wherever people will come to see us. Hopefully that includes Mexico, Asia, and South America in the not too distant future.”

12. What’s the inspiration around your music? Who inspires you and who got you wanting to be in a band?

“Music has always had an incredibly powerful effect on me from a young age. Once I realized it was something I could work towards if I worked hard enough and put in the time, I was hooked. Green Day was a major inspiration for me to pick up the guitar at 9 years old, and from there my dad introduced me to bands like The Cure, U2, and I’ve been traveling down the rabbit hole ever since.”

13. What advice would you give to upcoming bands and artists who looking to hit the music scene?

“If it’s something you’re passionate about, be prepared to dedicate your entire life to it and you’ll never reach the end of your abilities if you continue to push forward and work hard every day.”

14. Lastly, what are your favourite things about being in this band?

“Uniting people via music and knowing that at any given time there are people out there listening to our records and finding solace in them – and being able to do that with my best friends in the whole world. I can’t imagine anything better.”





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