Learn The Piano On Your Own


Welcome! This is mainly for beginners and if you are already an expert, well, the good news is you are allowed to take the tour with us! For beginners, you can begin teaching yourself to play the piano before going for piano lessons. Memorizing 88 keys is an arduous task together with great mental work so, if you are gonna do this, you should do it right.

Here’s a list of tips on learning the piano the right way

Learning To Play The Piano

, Learn The Piano On Your Own

Step 1: Acquire A Piano

There’s really no way you can successfully learn the piano on your own without acquiring one. The instrument is one that quotes break the bank so, if you can afford it, reach out to experts of the musical instrument to get the perfect one for you, if not, you can rent one from those places. This will help you as a beginner to get by fast and learn songs quickly.

Step 2: Get Your Way Around The Instrument

Once you’ve acquired a piano, the next step is to learn the basic piano knowledge needed for a solid learning foundation. Learn the different keys on the piano and their names, you can simply find this in the manual that comes with it or online. Keep practicing these keys until you can differentiate them. 

Step 3: Hands And Arms Training

This is your first attempt at learning the piano. You must always make sure your hands and arms are in the right position, and the best time to start this training is from the very beginning. Your hand should maintain a cup-shaped ‘’C’’ on both of your sides. Keep your forearms and wrist straight also as this is the position you’ll have to maintain. Learn the 5-finger pattern and play around the piano in different ways

Step 4: Learn The Notes

This is a very important step in the course of your learning the piano. You must learn and memorize the alphabet and be able to differentiate between them. You can start with the everyday Do-Re-Mi tune which consists of notes on the piano. You can easily learn the pitches together with learning the keys.

  • Do = Note C
  • Re = Note D
  • Mi = Note E
  • Fa = Note F
  • So = Note G
  • La = Note A
  • Ti = Note B

The C is the accidentals which are the pair of black keys while the naturals are the white. Memorize the Cs and Fs to make the others easier.

Step 5: Get Familiar With The Sharps And Flats

The sharps and flats are also very important to learn as soon as possible. The black keys on the keyboard play sharps or flats which come in twos or threes. An # on a piece means you have to play the following higher key and an A b means you have to play the following lower key.

There is the middle C note, when the black key right above it is pressed, you get a C sharp (C#) or a D flat (Db) while the black key with the middle F plays F# or Gb.

Note: Sharp = # while Flat = b

Step 6: Set Practice Timetable 

Getting to learn a piano is not very easy unless you make it. How well do you want to delve into learning and playing the piano? You need as much time and dedication. It isn’t something you just learn, it is a goal to actualize. Set a timetable every day for the next 30 days, monitor your achievements with each passing day, and see how well you get by. Don’t just stop at the notes, practice chords and scales, and ensure to learn the major keys. Start with simple songs like “ Happy Birthday To You” or “ Mary Had A Little Lamb” to get you moving forward. Make the internet your friend to learn more and always practice with your fingers. Your five fingers can start working with your thumb on the Middle C, your index on D, your middle finger on E, ring finger on F, and the little pinky on G; these are petascale. 

Step 7: Get In Touch With Other Players

You don’t just lock yourself up in a room and trust the internet fully expecting to achieve the best result. You have got to reach out and play with other people to keep the fun going and of course, to aid your learning. Play and practice with more experienced piano players and put piano lessons into consideration once you’ve passed the novice level. 

Final Thoughts

Your piano teacher will introduce you to many other genres of music like jazz or classical.

The journey always begins with a step, step it up with an amazing piano experience and catch all the fun it has to offer!

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