As Rev Magnetic took to the stage, they kicked off their set in a similar to fashion to the previous night. The light show was once again spectacular to match the weird and wonderful effects used in the performance. There were a few technical problems during the band's set this evening as the bass player struggled through almost an entire song to get her keyboard to work - eventually succeeding. However the band did not let this distract them and continued through their tight set. The front man struggled with keeping his guitar in tune but eventually fixed the issue. The bass player really engaged with her audience and you could tell she was loving every minute of the performance as she was dancing around the stage and smiling out at the crowd. This band obviously enjoys what they are doing and the crowd seemed to enjoy it with them - cheering loudly at the end of each song. Although the music this band play is not to my personal taste, there is no doubt that this band can put on a good live show.

About half an hour after Rev Magnetic left the stage, the lights dimmed and on walked Fatherson. Suddenly the band were illuminated by an array of bright light displays surrounding the stage - described by lead singer Ross Leighton as "a human microwave". The band burst into the emotional single "Just Past the Point of Breaking" and bassist Marc Strain encouraged the crowd to sing along by stepping forward and raising his arms. The band were joined on stage once again by additional musicians; Chris Platt playing lead guitar and Ciaran McEneny on acousitic guitar, keys and percussion. The band played through their follow up album "Open Book" in the order of the original track listing with their usual sense of enthusiasm and excitement on stage that so many of their fans love. Hits like "Lost Little Boys", "Always" and the album's title track "Open Book" were particular favourites of the crowd this evening however the singalongs were nowhere near as loud as they were the previous night. Another fantastic light display was on offer tonight, designed to enhance the performance of each song.

After the Kilmarnock band had completed their live run-through of "Open Book" they left the stage leaving the eager crowd wanting more. They were not disappointed as a few moments later Fatherson returned to the stage to debut some brand new material. The three new songs that the band performed went down a treat with the crowd who were obviously impressed by the fuller, heavier sound - especially the song entitled "Making Waves".

"We'll now play some songs that yous will know" said Ross as the band prepared to play the final three tracks of the set; and also of this year as the band take some time out to record a new album. They treated the crowd to single off of their debut album "I Am An Island" much to the pleasant surprise of the crowd - the energetic  tracks "Mine For Me" and "I Like Not Knowing" and the fan favourite "James" for one final singalong.

After attending both album shows, it is evident that this band only get stronger with each performance. I am really looking forward to the new direction the band are taking after hearing some of the new tracks live and really look forward to hearing the new album. And just to reiterate; if you ever get the opportunity to see the Kilmarnock trio in action I suggest you jump at the chance.

Steam Fatherson's 'OPEN BOOK' in full below:

Purchase Fatherson's second album 'Open Book' from 2016 here: http://www.fathersonband.co.uk/


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