Black Rebel Motorcycle Club absolutely smashed their show at The Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow. The three piece band took the stage and blasted out hits from their previous albums for a two hour long set!

The crowd of 1900 waited anxiously in the darkness for them to come onto the stage and when they did, the crowd screamed the roof off of the building.
Robert Levon Been and Peter Hayes greeted the Glasgow crowd before jumping into their set. The band filled the room with smoke and strobe lights making the effect of their music even more impacting!

The first song they played was called “Little Thing Gone Wild”, a song from their latest album “Wrong Creatures” in which started off the night nicely! They played through song by song interacting with the crowd at every moment.

With them reaching out from the stage towards to the fans in the front row. Half way through their set an over joyed fan attempted to join the band on stage, although his efforts were admiral he was immediately stopped and removed from the front. The band didn’t even take notice to this. They continued to perform to the crowd with Robert Been dropping to the floor giving a guitar solo.

During the ‘last’ song of their set, “Punk Song”, Robert Levon Been jumped down off of the stage and entered the photo pit to get up close to the fans at the front barricade.

After finishing that song and leaving the stage with the band thanking Glasgow, they came back on for an encore, choosing the song “Ninth Configuration” which I’m sure every BRMC fan has been waiting to hear from their latest album!

The night was outstanding from the vocals and showmanship to the crowd really showing their support for the band, I would without a doubt attend a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club show again and I urge you to go to one too.

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