Charged with big synth sounds fused with a thunderous beat Goldfrapp’s electric performance transcends this time, and this world…



A heavy sense of anticipation permeated the exquisitely stormy Halloween night in Glasgow as London based duo Alpines descended on the audience with their self proclaimed genre of “night-pop”. Catherine Pockson’s vocals soared effortlessly over Bob Matthew’s dark synths whilst constantly morphing and disjointing to fit a state of fluctuating emotion reminiscent of Portishead and Jessie Ware. The young duo set the tone for the night which was sure to be an evening of sublime and sincere electro-pop perfection.

Earnestly awaiting the emergence of the iridescent pop duo the crowd starts to kindle as green light and fog crept across the stage to the whimsical splendour of ‘Hairy Trees’- a track taken from Goldfrapp’s monumental 2003 album ‘Black Cherry’. The air in the room- impenetrable with silent anticipation- became charged as the band dressed in heavy black robes drifted onto the stage and the first beats of new track ‘Anymore’ began to thud. Finally front-woman Alison Goldfrapp rocks up, immediately seducing the audience within the first gasps of the new single: “Give me your love, make me a freak”.

 The track finishes and the throbbing synth beat of old fan-favourite ‘Train’ begins to swell and take over the crowd to the relentless pulse of the strobe lights. It became clear that this was a performance to get lost in. A metallic silver suit hangs off the red-haired singer as her magnetic vocals draw you into an inescapable beat, rising and ebbing occasionally to pitches that permeate the indomitable tracks with a sense of euphoria.

The newest album ‘Silver Eye’  is inspired by the subject of transformation; a trend which the performance seemed to follow. The performance naturally dips from the contagious synth rhythms of the duo’s older material, into more ominous, dream-like tracks like ‘Ocean’, the final track from their newest album. Although some of the newer material being trudged through felt a little same-y, Alison Goldfrapp’s otherworldly stage presence with her transcendent vocals and jerking, swooping silhouette kept things interesting and the crowd’s investment in the performance never trembled.

Conscious that they were playing to a room full of fans who’s love spans back to their first albums, Goldfrapp made sure to blast out some of the old classics that gave them their title of electro-pioneers; ‘Ohh La La’ and ‘Strict Machine’ of course included.

From a rainy Glasgow Halloween to an electro-pop wonderland. Goldfrapp’s flawless brand of electro-pop fronted by a habitually edgy and mesmeric electro-queen has the power to transcend genres and transport audiences.


Wed November 1st 2017 : LEEDS O2 Academy 2
Fri November 3rd 2017 : MANCHESTER Academy 1
Sat November 4th 2017 : LEICESTER De Montfort Hall
Mon November 6th 2017 : BIRMINGHAM O2 Institute
Tues November 7th 2017 : BRIGHTON Dome
Thurs November 9th 2017 : BRISTOL O2 Academy
Fri November 10th 2017 : LONDON O2 Brixton Academy


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