"With big, bold sounds and an equally brazen performance, it’s hard not to feel like this was one of the last times a venue so small would be able to contain a band so big."



For those who have never been to Edinburgh’s Mash House, it boasts a ‘cosy’ stage in a tiny, super-intimate venue. I couldn’t work out just how Bad Sounds, who are becoming fast-known for their blowout shows, were going to perform wielding only this tiny space. The answer was superbly. 

For a reasonably small set (on a reasonably small stage), the indie-funk five-piece had no trouble in commanding a massive performance. Bad Sounds (ironically) sounded and looked flawless.

The new single ‘Are You High?’ which on it’s release was given the prestigious title of ‘Hottest Record in the World’ by Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac, sounded as good live as it does on the radio. It’s stick-in-your-head hooks and gutsy grooves channeled even more energy through a dynamic performance from brothers and frontmen Ewan and Callum. With a rapidly growing fanbase and the majority of the audience mouthing every word along with the guys, it seems only a matter of time before this band join the British pop heavy-weights.

When I spoke to the band earlier they compared playing shows to ‘throwing a party’ - a justifiable analogy considering the bands immersive performance. Their songs are ones to dance to which, coupled with a vibrantly lively performance, generated an electric atmosphere and a crowd-wide sense of elation.

The bands first single ‘Wages’ - an intoxicatingly upbeat track brimming with old-school elements of hip-hop and soul -  was a more than satisfying ending to the show. I couldn’t help but think that the opportunity to see Bad Sounds in such an intimate setting would surely become a rarity. Bigger things are ahead and undoubtedly fast-approaching for these guys.

Slowly sinking into monotony, the UK’s music scene needs a saviour. And Bad Sounds, with their fresh and funky pick ’n’ mix of musical elements and genres have the potential to be the heroes here.

We Caught up with 'Ewan' and 'Callum' before the show and you can check what they had to say here;


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