The Wombats set the O2 Academy alight with an energy fuelled show to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their album “A guide to love, loss & desperation”.


The O2 Academy was home to The Wombats, for their first gig in Scotland for over a year and a half, and the filled venue saw a band playing at their best with a set filled with songs from all three of their albums. The night started with opening band Bloxxs, taking to the stage to get the gig underway. They played for about half an hour and received a great reaction from the Glasgow crowd, having played songs including “You” and “Your Boyfriend”. Up next were Liverpool based band The Night Café who are getting used to Glasgow audiences, having just finished their own headline tour, playing at Stereo in May and also supporting Sundara Karma in February. The Academy was almost full by the time their set was finished, entertaining the crowd with recent release “Felicity”, and popular song “You Change with the Seasons”. As the band walked off stage and the crowd inside the venue waited, there was a sense of excitement and expectation in the air as The Wombats, not to be mistaken for the Wombles, kept the crowd waiting.

As the intro music faded out, and the band walked on stage one by one, and the room was filled with the screams and cheering of the expectant audience. “Kill The Director” was the first song yet was possibly the best song of the entire set with chants of Bridget Jones ringing around the arena for at least a minute after the song finished. The high paced indie pop rock show was underway and straight into action, with the intro riff to “Moving to New York” leading people into frenzy and the first mosh pit burst into life. The bassist was especially exuberant and interactive with the crowd racing around the stage with a purpose, and as they moved onto 1996 it was clear to see that crowd were going to be in for a treat. There were 8 songs played on the night from the album that was released on the 5th of November 2007, and many of these were the crowd favourites. Your body is a Weapon and Give me A Try were particularly memorable songs as the crowd screamed the words in response to the band, and the mosh pits were encouraged.  Jump into the Fog, Emoticons, and Techno Fan were all very enjoyable as the first part of the set came to a close. The crowd clearly had not had enough as the inevitable chants of one more tune rang out around the room. The biggest reaction to of the night had to be when The Wombats, came back out on stage for the encore. Greek Tragedy which is the bands most listened to song on Spotify with over 45 million listens was next on the set, followed by Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) which had the biggest mosh pit of the evening, with the room practically split down the middle. What amazes me is the way The Wombats are able to use their vocals in a similar way to a synth to create an additional layer of melodies on top of the music. The last song was Let’s Dance to Joy Division which the crowd was waiting for, as it is debatably their most popular song and got the audience to move their feet. Following this song the band played a kind of heavy jam to get the crowd to dance one last time on the night.

Overall the show was very exciting and the band was very tight and clearly fed off the energy of the audience. The only downside is that The Wombats are quite samey and often it was hard to distinguish which song was being played.


The Modern Record