After what seemed like the longest intro tape ever, tonight's opener Starset take the stage and kick things off.

Opener "Into The Unknown" comes to a close and the band suffer some techical hiccups, leaving member Jonathan Kampfe to entertain us all with an amazing cello solo while things are sorted.  This brings out some fantastic comments from the front row of the crowd, ranging from how the solo is "a great piece of musicianship" to wonders if in fact there is no technical issues and one of the members "just needed the loo?" 

Turns out guitarist Brock Richards's wireless pack had failed, and with this sorted it's on with the show! The crowd are very involved throughout with the majority of them familiar with the band already, singing back choruses in full voice. 

A special mention also has to go to the majority of the bands outfits, looking like they've dropped down from the International Space Station specially to perform tonight. 

We suffer another techical hitch towards the end of the set, but this doesn't dampen how amazing it was overall, and leaves the room with an overall wonder of when Starset will be back for their own headline tour. 

Before headliners Breaking Benjamin even take the stage, you can feel the anticipation in the air. Tonight is their first ever show in Scotland, with this tour only being their second ever time in Europe. 

It's evident how long the sold out crowd have been waiting to see them, and as soon as the band appear everyone is in full singalong mode. Highlights are the superb "Never Again" which is followed by the anthemic "Failure" shortly followed by a second drum kit appearing on stage, with frontman Benjamin Burnley taking place on it. Then follows a covers medley which encompasses cuts from The Imperial March (Star Wars), Schism (Tool), Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana), Walk (Pantera), Bulls On Parade (Rage Against The Machine) and Sad But True (Metallica). This is all well and good but does leave you wondering if it would have been better for the band to drop it and throw in a few more of their own tunes.

The main set is finished with "I Will Not Bow", and with the crowd going wild as soon as the band leave the stage it's not long until they're back out for a storming rendition of "The Diary Of Jane" to finish things off. 

With this tour having the double hitter of the amazing Starset opening and Breaking Benjamin following, it's one not to be missed! 


The Modern Record