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Edinburgh’s indie delights We Were Promised Jetpacks played a passionate set in Glasgow’s charming St Luke’s & The Winged Ox.

WWPJ formed in 2003 while band members studied together in the Scottish capital. With four albums under their belter, the band has grown, loyal fan base.  After humble beginnings to supporting Glasgow’s wonderful Frightened Rabbit, the band now hold their own on stage and their tuneful, post-punk, indie rock performance was on form.

St Luke’s as the venue is exquisite. In this converted church in Glasgow’s east-end, many of the building’s original features remain. As WWPJ took to the stage, the setting’s organ peeking out behind them, the band looked at home. As the band’s opener the newer ‘Impossible’ started to sound, their passion was clear and the night was set to be a belter.

Adam Thompson, the WWPJ vocalist/guitarist, is enigmatic on stage. He appears focused and controlled while showing how deeply connected he is to each song. Every verse and chorus, he clearly is giving his all. Every member of the band gave off this impression. All seemed lost in their sound. Michael Palmer is exciting to watch on stage, engrossed in his guitar, his frequent, rhythmic, jerky movements matched perfectly with the band’s hard vibe. The band’s bassist, Sean Smith, and drummer, Darren Lackie, were also transfixed in their performance and the night highlighted the group’s talent, dedication, and love for what they do.

With this year’s earlier release of latest album ‘The More I Sleep, The Less I Dream,’ WWPJ Played heavily from this, though the guys did play tracks from all previous releases. Despite the matured sounded in the bands newer numbers, the response from the crowd for these latest tracks was ecstatic and appreciative. ‘Human Error’ oozed passionate anger, exciting the punkier fans in the room. Whereas ‘Someone Else’s Problem,’ ‘Not Wanted,’ ‘Hanging In,’ and ‘Make it Easier’ displayed the more melodic, softer side to their freshest release but still keeping the hard edge. The new album’s title track is a grungy number that was performed with all the angst it required.

Older WWPJ track went down a storm with the crowd as the fans threw their arms up and raised their voices along with Thompson. The epic, beautiful and touching ‘Keeping Warm’ and fan-favorite ‘It’s Thunder and Lighting’ was incredible. The performance of ‘Ship’s With Holes will Sink’ was astounding and was enjoyed by the crowd. ‘Boy in the Backseat’ was a particular highlight of the set, with all the members throwing themselves into this song wholeheartedly, despite the intense passion of their whole performance. 

One distinct absence from their set was their brilliant track ‘Quiet Little Voices’ and though fans may have noted it’s none appearance, viewers left ecstatic after what they had seen. Another absence was that of an encore, yet this is typical of a WWPJ feature and mentioned by Thompson before the band closed the show.

We Were Promised Jetpacks put on a night that would make any Scot proud of their birth lands, their passion radiating and their talent immeasurable. With a brilliant new album, they are a growing force to be reckoned with.





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