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The 40th Anniversary of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Adaptation of The War of the Worlds transforms The Hydro into a 19th Century science fiction nightmare, with Martian Fighting Machines and epic guitar solos.


As a young child, I visited the cassette drawer of my parents’ entertainment unit regularly. It contained so many treasures; a selection of Neil Diamond albums; various ABC Radio compilations; a cleverly duplicated copy of the Young Einstein soundtrack; the all-important head-cleaning tape and fluid pack and multiple anti-static cloths for our records. Buried in the back right-hand corner, presumably because it didn’t fit the individual slots of the cassette trays, there was a double album that intrigued me for a long time. When I finally enquired with my Mum about this block of tapes – I hadn’t seen a double album on tape before, it was a block – she related to me the story of how The War of the Worlds had been broadcast as a radio play in the 1930s and caused mass panic, even alleged suicide because people thought an alien invasion was taking place. I found that story absolutely terrifying. From then on I regarded that double album with a kind of universal fear that I couldn’t even understand.

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