Fangclub perform an intimate show at Manchester’s Jimmy’s as part of their UK Headline Tour



Tonights show saw Irish band Fangclub supported by Ronda and Big Spring. First up was Preston born Ronda, the trio took to the stage with smooth guitar riffs and level energy warming up the crowd in the otherwise chilly room just 15 minutes after doors opened. The band did an excellent job of keeping the energy up within the room and put on a great set.

Next up was Brighton born Big Spring who took to the stage shortly after and maintained a high level of energy throughout their set. The band lit up the room with their energetic guitar riffs as the frontman showed his charismatic side. The high levels of energy sent out by the band throughout the set was returned by several audience members who danced along to the set happily.

Tonights headliner Fangclub arrived on stage beginning their set with their signature sound blaring from the speakers. Opening their set with Knife straight off their True Love EP the guys sent electric riffs through the crowd erupting in consistent cheer back from the audience. They then progressed into fan favourite All Fall Down which brought loud singalong feedback. Follow came next which contained head banging from start to finish aggressively led by front man Steven King. The set progressed with many more fan favourites such as Heart is a Landmine and my personal favourite Dreamcatcher. The set was filled with singalongs and cheering from the crowd as the band progressed through their set. The band continued to play several songs from their most recent EP True Love much to the delight of the audience who continued to sing along with extra backing vocals added by Dara Coleman and Kevin Keane. The set was electric from start to finish with the added bonus of fans being played new tracks Hesitations and Viva Violent which the band called an exclusive. The new tracks were played effortlessly by the band from start to finish and were very much enjoyed by the fans. Definitely tracks to watch out for once they’re released early next year. Throughout the show the band took it on themselves to pay thanks to the venue and promoter for holding their show and encouraged praise for the great sets the support bands played earlier on that evening. Steven then took it upon himself to merge with the crowd whilst playing one of his many guitar solos, the fans swarmed around him creating a large pit which he appeared to enjoy. The band closed their set with popular track bullet head much to the delight of the fans on the floor who then began to open up the pit once more whilst the band ended their set on a high ensuring to thank the fans once again for coming down to see them as always. The set ended with a combination of guitar and drum riffs which surely ended the gig on a high. The band then exited the stage as applause continued and the crowd began to filter out into the merchandise area.

The show overall was full of guitar riffs and drum solos from start to finish and maintained high levels of energy throughout. Fangclub remain to be a band to watch and are definitely one to see when they play near you!


  • Knife

  • All Fall Down

  • Follow

  • Heart Is A Landmine

  • Dreamcatcher

  • Sweater Forever

  • High

  • Best Fake Friends

  • Coma Happy

  • Better to Forget

  • Hesitations

  • Lightning

  • Viva Violence

  • Bad Words

  • Bullet Head



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