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Opening tonight’s four band bill are Philadelphia’s Grayscale. The venue is still filling as they start but this doesn’t put them off as they blast through an amazing set. The band have a great energy to them and do well to engage with everyone present. With vocal duties shared between frontman Collin Walsh and guitarists Andrew Kyne and Dallas Molster, they create a good full sound.  The highlight of their set comes in ‘Coming Undone’ which sees As It Is frontman Patty Walters appear onstage for his guest vocal part in the song. Grayscale are a great watch and definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.  



Up next we have Liverpool’s finest, WSTR. The band are already a well known entity in the pop punk scene and this is clearly evident as they have everyone bouncing from the minute they start with ‘Featherweight’. Fan favourite ‘Fair Weather’ is blasted out fairly early in the set which is a great surprise and sees the whole crowd screaming back every word. Once again the energy from WSTR is tremendous as they cap off their set with the feel good ‘Lonely Smiles’.


Main support tonight comes from Canada’s Like Pacific. Unlike the rest of the bands here tonight, their sound edges more towards the rockier end of pop punk. The crowd aren’t put off though and frontman Jordan Black encourages everyone to crowdsurf, which they gladly do.  We’re treated to an unnamed new song from a forthcoming album which sees Jordan telling the crowd “That was a new one from a new record coming out. I can’t tell you when because I’ll probably get fired from the band!” The energy produced by the band isn’t as much as the other ones on the bill, but their set is still enjoyable.



The atmosphere in the Garage hits it’s peak as headliners As It Is take to the stage and launch into ‘Hey Rachel’ from newest album Okay. Tonight is the only night of the tour that hasn’t sold out but you wouldn’t be able to tell with the noise created by the crowd inside The Garage, singing back every word of every song to frontman Patty Walters.

The stage setup the band have crammed onto the tiny stage in the venue is impressive, and resembles the cover of the “Okay” album, which is a nice touch. Patty is on fine form and has the whole crowd in the palm of his hand, commanding everyone to jump at every opportunity. “I need to see a giant circle pit! This song’s off ‘Okay’. It’s really f***ing fast. It’s really f***ing fun. This song’s called ‘No Way Out’!” he screams, as the band then play a blistering version of the song, complete with a massive circle pit from the willing crowd.

Things are soon thrown back to debut album Never Happy, Ever After as the band hit us with the double whammy of ‘Speak Soft’ into ‘Sorry’, both of which are huge songs and come across even bigger in a live setting. Patty tells us how they are using tonight as an opportunity to play some of their material which rarely get’s played live, and we get a great run through of ‘Winter’s Weather’. 

The beautiful ‘Curtains Close’ has Patty onstage with just himself and an acoustic guitar, and makes for something special. The highlight of the night comes in ‘Can’t Save Myself’, an older song which turned a lot of people onto As It Is in the first place. The main set is finished with ‘Still Remembering’ before the band then reappear for an encore of ‘Okay’ and the anthemic ‘Dial Tones’.

As It Is have proven once again that they are a force to be reckoned with, and one definitely not to be missed!






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