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On the third stop of an entirely sold out UK tour, Tom Walker prepared to wow his Nottingham fans at Rescue Rooms. Earlier on in the day, Tom had announced via social media he would be doing a little meet up and performing a few acoustic songs in a cafe down the road to anyone who wanted to come down. Not asking for any transaction the other way, this sort of thing shows a wonderful lack of a barrier between artist and fan. The way it should be. 

The floor was filling up early on as this sell out Nottingham crowd piled into the venue. By the time  support act, The Beach, walked on stage the room was almost full. Maybe a nerve racking situation but you would never have been able to tell. George (his real name) seemed more than comfortable as he controls the room with nothing but his voice and guitar for the next half hour, making little jokes with the crowd in between songs. You can’t help but imagine singing along to ‘Bite My Tongue’ and ‘Bridge Back To Your Heart’ in the middle of a main stage festival crowd. He invites members of the crowd for a drink at the bar at the back of the room, before performing one last song.



The crowd weren’t made to wait too long before Tom Walker emerged from back stage. On a night where his biggest release to date ‘Leave A Light On’ reached 50 million streams on Spotify, it was easy to see how this show had sold out. Tom performed some of his biggest songs such as previously mentioned Leave A Light On, as well as Just You And I and Fly Away With Me as the crowd sung along to every word. Tom’s charisma on stage and the delivery of his vocals were impressive to say the least, enough to keep you coming back time again. The performance not only of Walker, but his band behind him was nothing short of excellent. If by chance you weren’t a fan when you walked through the door, you probably were walking out of it. 

The performance continues, not dropping in quality for the duration. Tonight had been a huge sign that these songs were meant for stages bigger than the one’s Tom was playing on, and the entire tour selling out probably shows he’d have no problem doing so. 

Before departing, Tom announces to the crowd that he is writing new material and even plans to have a new album out by September of this year. Another sign of a man hard at work. It’s clear to see that he is building something special here… 


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