Jerry Williams performs intimate show at Manchester’s Jimmy’s with support from Wild Front and Maddy Storm.



Tonight’s show saw Portsmouth born Jerry Williams play to a sold-out Jimmy’s in Manchester. She was joined by band Wild Front and Maddy Storm. First up was Maddy Storm, she took to the stage shortly after doors opening to warm up the crowd with her electronic pop vibes, her solo vocals filled the room whilst her bandmate provided the backing riffs. Her captivating beats kept the already full crowd entertained as they filled up the bar and maintained a steady vibe throughout earning her a round of applause on finishing her set. Overall, she put on a decent set and really set the mood for the evening from the get go.

Next up was Southampton born band Wild Front. The band ignited the room with their catchy songs and guitar riffs which kept the crowd engaged throughout their set. The band performed a range of songs across their half an hour set ensuring to maintain the energy throughout. The bands easy listening songs made for a perfect opener before Jerry would take to the stage. They provided the perfect indie feel following on from the previous electro pop set given by Maddy Storm. Definitely a band to watch out for!

Tonight’s headliner Jerry Williams arrived on stage with her band to a sea of applause and cheers from the sold-out crowd. She opened her set with crowd favourite Pistachio which to her delight earned the singing along from the crowd as she sang the lyrics back to them. She was all smiles as the crowd spurred her on throughout. Her dance moves she did whilst dancing gave her performance life and encouraged the crowd to join in with her. Her track Breakfast was full of energy and feel good riffs which I personally associate with Jerry. She’s full of fun and knows how to keep her audiences engaged from start to finish. She then performed her new single David at the Bar, before beginning the song she told the story of how she’d met David in a bar an after a long and emotional conversation had written the song for him and was searching for him to play the song but as of yet had failed to locate him. She then jumped straight into it to the delight of the crowd who sang and swayed along with her. As she began fan favourite Left and Right the crowd began singing and swaying along with Jerry which appeared to spur her on once more. She appeared to close the set with Grab Life until the chant for more brought her back on stage once more where she performed Gameshow solo, she went on to say how lucky and overwhelmed the nights events had gotten her and thanked the crowd for coming. Her band then joined her on stage once more to perform their final track of the night Boy oh Boy before thanking the crowd once more before exiting the stage leaving a sea of applause and cheers from the crowd. 

The show as a whole was full of energy start to finish. Jerry performed an incredible set and was well deserving of the sold out capacity. She’s definitely one to see if you get the chance, be sure to check out her new single ‘David at the Bar’ and catch her at a show near you soon!


The Modern Record