Parkway Drive literally bring the heat at the sold out Manchester O2 Apollo!



All the way from Byron Bay, Australia; Parkway Drive are one of the best Metalcore acts of decade. Lighting up Manchester with their insane set, the show was not to be missed! As soon as arrived at the venue the queue was one of the biggest, I’ve seen in a long time, with easily over 500 revellers patiently waiting outside. As soon as the doors opened the queue slowly diminished, once inside you could feel the suspense and excitement at what was to come.

The first act of the night was Thy Art Is Murder a deathcore group from Australia. From the get-go I knew what to expect, heavy guitars, incredible vocals and a crowd that loved moshing. I didn’t realise until the group began that I’ve listened to them many times on a Spotify playlist and just as expected they sounded incredible. Their short snappy set started with ‘Dear Desolation’ which was easily their best song live. As the song ended a man wearing a top saying ‘Pit Troll’ entered the photo pit and vocalist Chris McMaho got onto his shoulders then entered the crowd. Once In the crowd he demanded a circle pit around him which the crowd complied with, the group then started their second track of the evening ‘The Purest Strain Of Hate.’ Also included in the groups set were fan favourites like ‘Holy War,’ ‘Reign Of Darkness,’ ‘The Son of Misery’ and ‘Puppet Master.’ Overall the group were cracking, and I can’t wait to see them back!

Up next was the world renowned Killswitch Engage from America. Known for their incredible sound they did not disappoint! Their set was over 50 minutes and was incredible! The group started the set off strong with Strength of the Mind, and what a spectacle it was. Next up was the heartfelt song ‘The End of Heartache’ which had the crowd belting out the lyrics. Also included in their set were fan favourites such as ‘Beyond the Flames,’ ‘My Curse,’ ‘Hate by Design’ and ‘In Due Time.’ I have to say I was so happy that their set lasted 50 minutes. The crowd definitely enjoyed their set as the cheers and screaming never stopped!

Finally, the group that everyone was waiting for Parkway Drive! Sparks started flying and the intro began playing. Ascending from the crowd the five piece joined the crowd surrounded by crew with fire torchers. Once making it on to the stage and into position ‘Wishing Wells’ began. Now one of their signature songs the crowd knew every word. Next up was ‘Prey’ which again off their recent release ‘Reverence.’ The third song of the evening was one of their older tracks from 2009; ‘Carrion’ which was loved by all! Up next was ‘Vice Grip’ off the critically acclaimed album ‘Ire’ this change of sound was praised as bringing metal to the masses.

Throughout the night the amount of pyrotechnics was phenomenal, Parkway Drive are known for their incredible set design and this certainly one of the best I’ve ever seen! Skipping ahead to half way through their set to the track ‘Absolute Power’ where the pure wrath of Winston McCall vocals was unleashed! With the night drawing to an end the group brought out a violinist and cellist to play the more melodic ‘The Colour of Leaving’ this heart felt track was amazing, you could feel the emotion in the room. The group left the stage and after a few minutes of the crowd chanting ‘Parkway Drive’ Winston McCall returned with a molotov cocktail in hand! Which he then lit and threw it at the ground which was the que for parts of the set to erupt in flames and the intro to crushed to begin playing. With it’s mystic gang vocal intro it matched the set! One by one the rest of the band returned to the stage and they play their best track! To end the night the group played ‘Bottom Feeder’ which caused a frenzy in the crowd. During the song more pyrotechnics were seen with sparks and jets of fire.

This has easily been my favourite and most memorable gig I’ve ever been to! I cannot encourage you enough to go and see Parkway Drive as you will not be disappointed! 


  • Wishing Wells

  • Prey

  • Carrion

  • Vice Grip

  • Karma

  • Cemetery Bloom

  • The Void

  • Idols and Anchors

  • Dedicated

  • Absolute Power

  • Writings on the Wall

  • Shadow Boxing

  • Wild Eyes

  • Chronos

  • The Colour of Leaving - (Winston + Cellist on stage in front of FOH)


  • Crushed

  • Bottom Feeder



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