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James Morrison returns to Glasgow and touring after a heart felt break due to personal family reasons, he has retuned where he left off,  with more passion and songs that you can take personally about your own life. Morrison came here to play a remarkable venue in the city and will blow the cobwebs from every remote area of the venue.

Tonight, see’s Morrison return to the city after around 3 years and the Glasgow audience are back to see him in a sold out show in the city. People don’t know what to expect but in time they will realise this after support artist for the evening Etham.

Etham currently just off a European tour with Irish legends Picture This now returns to perform more songs of truth and passion to the Glasgow audience.

Etham tells the audience he is struggling with a cold but continues bringing his songs to the growing crowd with a passion and seems to be struggling a little but delivers a set cut short due to piano technical issue beyond his control. I think this was a lifeline he needed as his voice was weakened by the cold.

He left the stage to an applause as the audience was enjoying the set from the artist with his acoustic style and image not short of Bryan Adam’s including his writing talents and musical structure.




Next up was the long-awaited return of James Morrison to the Glasgow stage. As the lights dimmed and the intro music played members of his band slowly made their way on to the stage. James Morrison strolled on to the stage like he was a shy young man walking down a Glasgow street, wishing to pass by without drawing attention to himself. This was short lived as he greeted the Glasgow audience and gave them what they were waiting for.

The set begin in style but not classic the fans wanted but set the scene with “Under the Influence”, “Nothing ever hurt like you” & “Feels like the first time” before the show hit another level with “Undiscovered” this set the tone for the evening that had the audience singing and dancing. Taking his jacket off you could tell he was meaning business and he went for it with classic after classic. “Broken Stones” the audience was as much the stage as the stage was the audience, delivering word for word and reaching the ultimate high. Morrison smiled as he looked as if he was on seventh heaven with the Glasgow Audience.

Morrison had the venue in his hands and looked comfortable to be back where he belongs with his fellow fans each giving as much as they received. He didn’t need to encourage the audience to be part of the show, as they were as much of the show from the first cord. Morrison looked at the audience after “You give me something” and waved and walked off before returning to set the hall on fire with the final song “Wonderful world”, he poured his heart in to every word before he bid his goodbye to Glasgow.

Morrison smiled after receiving a rapturous ovation before leaving the stage. The audience got what they wanted as James Morrison was back with a bang.

Photographs of James Morrison @ The old Fruitmarket Glasgow 1st April 2019




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