Hozier performs second of his two Sold-Out Scottish shows at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall on his ‘Wasteland, Baby!’ tour.


★★★★☆ (4.5/5)

Returning to Scotland’s Capital, Hozier returns to Edinburgh for his second performance at Usher Hall since previous visit back in 2016. He treats the Edinburgh crowd to a beautiful night of music, electric atmosphere and Irish charm which was delighted by fans. Making his live return to Scotland after the release of his sophomore album ‘Wasteland, Baby!’, Hozier played an extensive set of his best known tracks from both his sophomore and debut albums.

Opening up the night for the Scottish crowd was fellow solo Irish artist ‘David Keenan’ who appeared on stage with just a single spotlight illuminating himself with his guitar in front of the packed out Edinburgh venue. Playing some his known tracks such as ‘Two Kids’ and ‘Postcards from Catalonia’, Keenan’s set went down a treat with crowd and was great artist to open up for Hozier who was next on stage.

As the lights dimmed down, the one and only ‘Hozier’ was due to appear on stage at any moment. He began set with ‘As It Was ‘ which was off his latest new album, track was performed while red lighting filled the stage which had every eye on him and his band on stage. Hozier had already got audience attention who was already in engaging well with him, he continued to performed more incredible tracks such as ‘Would That I’ and ‘Dinner and Diatribes’, as the band lined up beside him as they treated the Scottish crowd along with great vocal and visual performance on stage.

During his set Hozier took time to speak to Scottish crowd to thank them for coming along to the show and also asking them ‘not to hide their voices away’, and join him in singing throughout his yet. Best engagements from Hozier and the Scottish crowd were during tracks. ‘Nina Cried Power’, ‘To Be Alone’, ‘Angel of Death and the Codeine Scene ‘ and the well-loved ‘Someone New’. His set continued to have surprises with a slowed down, stripped back acoustic version of his track ‘From Eden’ which seen Hozier once again as focus point in entire venue.

His set continued to perform hits after hits including ‘Shrike’, ‘Moment’ Silence’, ‘Jackie and Wilson’, and ‘Almost (Sweet Music)’. His set concluded with the for, arguably his most well-known track ‘Take Me to Church’ which seen Hozier came down to the barrier and share a special moment with his audience, However, something else, which truly shines through at a Hozier gig, is how lovely his personality is.

Hozier return to the stage after massive sound of cheers and stamping feet, which seen him return on stage for two more songs which delighted the Scottish crowd. His lost songs were ‘Cherry Wine’ and ‘Work Song’ which the entire crowed united a one, knowing every lyric and cheered and got on their feet after they waved to Hozier who left the stage for the final time.


  • As It Was

  • Would That I

  • Dinner & Diatribes

  • Nina Cried Power

  • To Be Alone

  • Something New

  • Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene

  • Nobody

  • Talk

  • From Eden

  • Shrike

  • No Plan

  • Living for the City - (Stevie Wonder cover)

  • Jackie and Wilson

  • Almost (Sweet Music)

  • Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)

  • Movement

  • Take Me to Church


  • Cherry Wine

  • Work Song


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