Lewis Capaldi displays the most powerful feelings of love and heartbreak on his new EP BREACH, Capaldi continues to share his talent of creating strong songs that will definitely move your soul.


★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8.5/10)

He gives you an insight to his raw thoughts and feelings, BREACH is a brilliant display of how he views it all. “Tough” was released in June and is the first song in Capaldi's new EP. It tells a story of the loneliness and many thoughts that settle when the person you love is no longer around. Although they may be gone physically, he makes it clear that it is still hard to shake them from being part of every thought and memory. The song shows the aftermath of your first genuine heartbreak. Moving into the next song “Grace” this was released mid September. In this single he opens with a line that captures everyone's attention “I’m not ready to be just another of your mistakes” with intense passion through many parts in this song to make for a passionate and moving experience. If there is one thing Lewis Capaldi always delivers in every song, it’s his ability to perform every vocal performance with an extraordinary impact.

The second half of the EP consists of two new songs. The third song “Someone You Loved” is a piano-centered ballad that represents a beautiful story of losing love. It is so enchanting and the emotion in his voice is so raw that you can't help but relate it to similar emotions or times you have been through. It is impossible to not be shook by the vocal breaks at the bridge where effortlessly conveys so much pain, you almost wonder who hurt him.

The final song on the EP is the demo for “Something Borrowed” is a great song to try and pull you out of the emotions “Someone You Loved” left you in. He sings this live every time without fail so it is great for his fans to hear something unique from the tours now on his album. Everyone can now enjoy the song in all environments and not just at one of his performances. The song has been one that captures the fan on tour countless times so the demo will have the same impact as it has a perfect place in the album. The background vocals in the song act as a church choir and use of the organ to give the song a spiritual and gospel presence. Capaldi is clearly accepting the love coming his way.

BREACH is a voice for broken hearts and emotional people trying to find their soulmate. All the songs are well constructed to bring every ounce of emotion and happiness that exists in love alongside pain and destruction. Capaldi's songs help you feel human and accept how you feel with your emotions which is exactly what art and music is supposed to do. Lewis Capaldi has an great and unique way of songwriting, his songs explain many emotions you feel or have felt in a beautiful and capturing way. Which is exactly what he continued to do with BREACH and will hopefully continue to do in more songs to come.

Lewis Capaldi - ‘‘Breach’’ is out now. Stream the EP below:



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