Crosley Executive Reviews

Crosley Executive Reviews

The return passion for records and record players is quite amazing. Most people, in these recent times, now enjoy the experience of wholesome vintage to exhibit their passion for music. Crosley is one of the several turntables out there that endeavor to honor this passion and complement record collection.

Crosley Executive Reviews

Our definition of good looks differs. While some people prefer a sleek and modern look, others might prefer a conventional and classic look. If you belong to the conventional and classic group, then you will appreciate the look of Crosley Executive the most.

Crosley executive has a beautiful vintage feel and features a design with a vinyl-wrapped suitcase. The brass plated hardware that comes with it ensures it ages nicely over time.

Also with Crosley Executive is a handle latch that allows for firm close. The turntable is portable, weighing about 7 pounds which allows for usage on the go. The speaker of Crosley Executive is a dynamic stereo positioned inside the left and right sides of the case which blends with the overall look. The turntable is available in different colors but in just two variations; The Executive Classic and The Executive Deluxe.

Crosley Executive Design and Key Feature

It is affordable but does not compromise build and look for its affordability. You can also expect to get a classic and refined impression from the system. It has been around for a while now but it has some amazing modern features in it. It holds several connection options like RCA output, a headphone out, and an auxiliary input.

Moreover, it offers a USB interface needed for digitizing records through Mac or PC. This is an awesome feature that you hardly see in turntables of the price range. There is also a Bluetooth connection available on the Deluxe variety. This enables you to stream music from your devices with the dynamic full-range speakers of the turntable. You can listen to your favorite music with unreduced quality.

As much as the size is easy to take on the go, the turntable is AC powered for home use and battery-powered for traveling. The dynamic stereo speakers are awesome, but for audiophiles who want more, you can easily connect to a portable speaker through the aux input. It might not be the absolute best turntable on market, you can’t go wrong with Crosley Executive’s features and performances.

  • Set-Up

Crosley Executive has a very simple and basic setup. All you have to do is place the device on a flat and level surface, remove the tie wrap from the tonearm then position the slip mat on the platter. Simply connect your AC adaptor to a power source and place your vinyl on it.

Switch it on, make a few settings and you are on. Yea, it’s very basic that even audiophiles in training can get their way around it.

  • Sound Performance

Crosley Executive goes beyond your expectations when it comes to sound performance. You might as well wonder how such a good turntable has to be on market at that price. The turntable is eye-catching, endeavors to keep up with features from the modern world, and also gives a pleasing sound performance.

The turntable features two built-in speakers, not the richest and clearest but definitely do a good job with its size. Crosley Executive components are generally accepted even though it isn’t on the list of expensive turntables. 

Exquisitely, it can play at 45, 33 ⅓, and 78 RPM because it features a belt drive. With this, you have no limitations to what you can play on your turntable. 

In Crosley Executive, you find a handy on and off volume knob right beside the tonearm. You can use the speed switch in order as the turntable isn’t automatic so you’d have to manually work around the tonearm yourself and record yourself. The tonearm doesn’t also return when the record stops. Again, you have to manually return it back to its place.

  • Upgrades and Customizations

The variations of Crosley Executive, both Deluxe and classic give room for upgrades in order to soothe your personal needs. The stylus and cartridge can also be switched to improve and enhance the sound quality.

Crosley CR6019D-BR Executive Portable USB Turntable with Bluetooth, Brown

Moreso, Crosley Executive is a versatile device as it allows several connecting options. It can be connected to speakers with high-quality and amplifiers to improve sound quality. It is a simple and easy process of you customizing the sound quality of the turntable to your taste.

  • Executive Deluxe has a Bluetooth connection
  • USB Connectivity
  • An eye-catching vintage briefcase style
  • Very versatile
  • Portable and durable design
  • An overall attractive design.
  • Limited stereo speaker options
  • Might not deliver the best sound out there
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Crosley Brand

Crosley got its name from the founder of the brand, Powel Crosley, who created multiple stylish, multifunctional, and affordable radios around 1992. That was the same year the first record player from Crosley found its way into the market.

It got to the market as an infamous turntable brand but later fought for its position at the top due to its standard. The fame is owed to the fact that Crosley holds high multifunctional features and an amazing value for its price. Presently, Crosley is one of the leading turntable manufacturers in the world. Crosley encompasses all you’ll ever need in an entertainment gadget at a very affordable price.

Powel Crosley had accumulated his fortune before now in the accessories and automotive parts business. His company around 1925 was the largest manufacturer of radios, where he made more funds to venture into other businesses and the later record player. A list of turntables made by Crosley Company include:

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe

Crosley cruiser deluxe is a charming and lightweight turntable that allows you to mobilize your music. It is particularly recently updated to include pitch control, Bluetooth, stream music, and customize the sound performance. It is wood-crafted and bound in leatherette.

Crosley CR8005D-WS Cruiser Deluxe Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable, White Sand

It comes in a brief-case style which makes it very easy to be transported around. You do not have to connect to an external speaker system as it holds built-in stereo speakers. Some of its other features include:

  • Pitch control regulator
  • Dynamic full-range stereo speakers
  • 33 ⅓, 45, and 75 RPM record speed
  • Allows Bluetooth connection and streams music
  • An NP6 needle belt-driven turntable
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Crosley CR6003A-CR

CR6003A-CR also belongs to the list of briefcase turntables that allows you to take them along on the go. Its smart look surely can not be missed and gives you the freedom to quality sound performance anywhere you’d like them to.

Crosley CR8005D-TU Cruiser Deluxe Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable, Aqua

It comes with a USB encoding that allows the conversion of records to digital files. You can also enjoy features like the AM/FM radio and you can just sit back, make your option, and enjoy a wonderful listening experience with CR6003A-CR. The features that come with it include:

  • It is belt-driven
  • Can operate on the 3 speed; 33 ⅓, 45, and 78RPM records
  • Has an auxiliary input, dynamic full-range stereo speakers, and a headphone jack
  • Software suite for audio content editing
  • Connections to computers and other devices via USB
  • Metal handle with NP1 needle 
  • Absolute automatic tonearm
  • Diamond stylus needle with record wrap.
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Crosley Nomad CR6232A-GR

Nomad CR6232A-GR comes in different colors but also the coolant classic Gray. The turntable didn’t come out well very much but after it left the market for a while, has returned with a lot of features and sturdiness.

Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Portable USB Turntable with Software for Ripping & Editing Audio, Brown

It now belongs to the list of modern turntables that reflect the established love of record sounds. You can take it anywhere with you as it’s very portable, and of course, durable. It is a 3-speed turntable wrapped in rugged fabric with built-in speakers and a headphone jack. Some of its features include:

  • RCA output
  • Built-in stereo speakers 
  • USB cable that allows for connection with other devices
  • 3-speed vinyl player
  • Vintage briefcase-style
  • Auxiliary input
  • Headphone jack
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Crosley CR8005D-SU Cruiser Deluxe

CE8005D-SU Cruiser Deluxe is an interesting blend of both old and new tech. Like many Crosley turntables, it is also very portable with 3-speeds and has a retro-chic fabric cover found at the exterior. Moreso, its built-in speakers mean you can expect quality analog sounds anytime anywhere.

Crosley CR8005D-TU Cruiser Deluxe Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable, Aqua

Typically, it has a simple and classic look and also allows you to go digital. There is an onboard Bluetooth that lets you stream music from your devices to the onboard speaker. This complements its versatility among many other portable turntables. Some of its other features include:

  • Fabric wrapped vinyl turntable 
  • Pitch control regulator
  • Belt driven eye-catching turntable
  • Plays the 3 speed 33 ⅓, 45, and 78 RPM records
  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver
  • Built-in dynamic full-range stereo speakers
  • Headphone jack and RCA output.

Just like Crosley Executive, these turntables from Crosley share almost the same features. You might probably not find their match with looks on the market.

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In Conclusion

Crosley Executive is unarguably an attractive turntable with nice and awesome modern features for its age. It is a standalone turntable so you might as well, for better sound delivery, add external components together with it.

For its size, however, it is an amazing portable device with a nice build and reasonable stereo speakers. Although, its price compromise a few upgrades which you’d have to sort out yourself.

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