Davy Jones Locket Music Box Review

Davy Jones Locket Music Box Review

Davy Jones Overview

Davy Jones locket music box is an old-school music box that plays the Davey Jones theme. It is constructed with a great hand-cranked anime on it and it is suitable for girls and women to play any kind of music. This music box is handcrafted and made of Indian rosewood, with a unique symbol of amber’s library of folk music, it is considered a great gift for any Davy Jones fan.

Davy Jones Locket Music Box Review

It can be used to lift the mood of the listener because of the sweet sound it produces. Also, this locket music box is elegantly decorated in its interior part and can be used as a wonderful gift for family members and loved ones for special days such as Birthdays and other ceremonial events. 

Historical Background

Davy Jones locket music box can be traced back to the 19th century, and since then it has been in existence till now. It is mostly used by Davy Jones theme song lovers. The music box is a historical music box used to symbolize the seafloor or a resting place for sailors drowned at the sea.  This is the more reason Hans Zimmer composed the theme song revolving about the historical story and further nurture the muse to construct the box that symbolizes the state of death among the drowned sailors and shipwrecks in which they are consigned to the depth of the Sea.

The Theme Song

Davy Jones locket music box theme song starts out with a music box solo that is supported by strings, organs, and brass. The theme song changes octaves once and the keys twice. The song ends with another solo and part of the segment is repeated in the track all over again. The organ solo is played as phenomenal music by Davy Jones and it begins with the chime of a locket that builds into a strong organ section.

The Design

This music box is a wooden square box containing the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean and a metal musical movement handle that is usually cranked to play the melody. The box lid is made of rosewood with a black hand-painted surface. The the rear strap is very soft and elastic which enables it to expand when needed and has a strong tensile strength that is suitable for most face types. 

Davy Jones music box is majorly constructed for historical parties such as Haloween parties, mardi gras or costume parties, masquerade, prom dancewear, or just for any extra special event that is deeply rooted in the history of mankind.

Davy Jones Locket Music Box Review


This beautifully crafted music box includes some great features that make it stand out among the rest, the features include:

  • It contains 18 rhythm Notes of Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The music box is made of Indian rosewood
  • It is a hand crank model
  • The musical movement is Yunsheng high-quality brand

All these features have contributed to the effectiveness of the music box.


  • Products Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.4 x 1.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.81 ounces
  • Melody: The theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Material: Indian Rosewood 
  • Musical Handle: Metal
  • Type: Music Square Box
  • Item Number: JLBHDD

Types of Davy Jones Locket Music Boxes

There is a wide range of different types of Davy jones Music Boxes,  the examples are Pacific Giftware Decorative Davy Jones Music Box, Sooharic Davy Jones Music Box, ROSIKING Wood Music Box, Davy Jones LOcket Music Box, and many more.

Pacific Giftware Decorative  Davy Jones Music Box

This type of Davy Jones Music Box is constructed in a way that it contained an octopus on the top part of its chest. It can be used as a gift for someone who is a collector and is also ideal for storing jewelry.

This music box is sturdily and well made and it sure gives optimum advantages. It measures 7.3 x 5.7 x 7.3 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds. It is a nice music box but the squid details are monochromatic.

Sooharic Davy Jones Music Box

This type of music box is a hand-crank mechanism wooden square box that contains the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean. It is designed with a metal musical instrument that is cranked to play the song.

It can also be used as an excellent gift for any special event or occasion such as a wedding ceremony, birthday party, and so on. The music box is sure to give a high-quality performance, the manufacturer also gives the best after-sales service to their customers. The musical movement handle can be easily cranked for the song to be played.

Any issue about this music box can be outrightly reported to the company and they will address that as soon as possible. Despite all these good qualities of the music box, the music it contained is not well edited.

Davy Jones Locket Music Box Review

Rosiking Wooden Music Box

This music box is a great choice for kids and some older people. It can be presented as a gift for certain special ones on special occasions. The music box is a unique product you should consider buying because it is built with 18 movement tones and it is made of wood material.

It can also be operated without connecting it to the electricity, it sounds great coupled with a beautiful melody but the only constraint here is that it does not play the whole theme song. 

Davy Jones Locket Music Box

Davy Jones locket music box is also a hand crank musical box that is wooden carved. It has a theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean and a metal musical movement, this musical movement handle is usually cranked to produce sounds. It can also be presented as a gift for relatives, friends, spouses, and loved ones. This cute music box is a good quality product that is well made for the cost. The only constraint here is that it does not play the tune correctly and properly.Davy Jones Locket Music Box Review



There have been different reviews about this music box from different people, but of a truth, Davy Jones Locket music boxes are always durable portable, and sturdily built. They are also usually well-made and packaged to achieve good looks and presentation. These types of boxes can comfortably fit into the palm of the hand due to their portability, the melody they play is crisping and clear and does not sound tiny. 

The sound inside this box brings back the memory of the familiar tune from the movie when the handle is cranked. Davy Jones music box serves as a decoration in homes and gives a beautiful and quality sound right out of the tiny box.

In Conclusion

It may be quite stressful for some people when they are shopping for the best Davy Jones music boxes because these boxes are scarce and are old-school models, and this might get you confused or discouraged about whether to get them or which one to get. 

However, you can consider the above reviews, brand, durability and quality, specifications, and features of these locket music boxes to pick your desired choice out of the multiple designs.  

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