Grado Cartridges Review 2022

Grado Cartridges Review 2021

Grado cartridges are moving magnets that are well known for their mind-blowing midrange and excelling representation of each vocal sound. These models create a more classic vinyl representation of sounds and are created or designed in Grado Labs.

Grado Lab was founded in 1953 by Joseph Grado in Brooklyn. Grado lab is an American audio manufacturer popularly known and specializes in designing supra-aural, high-end, hand-building, and dynamic open-air moving magnet cartridges and headphones. Grado Lab is top-notch in producing phono cartridges with an excellent tracker, good channel balance with good tonal accuracy.

Grado cartridges design the best of phono cartridges such as Grado Epoch phono cartridges, Grado Prestige Gold, Grado Black Cartridges, Grado Green Cartridges, and Grado Prestige black 3.

Grado Timbre Series Opus3 High Output Stereo Phono Cartridge w/Stylus

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This is the oldest of Grado’s cartridges and the best of the cartridges. It exists only because of the creative CEO John Grado that started designing cartridges at the age of 13. The Epoch cartridge is uniquely made of cocobolo wood, a precious and rare wood that does not float in water, and a removable stylus with great tonal accuracy. 

The wood body epic Epoch is the clearest of all moving magnet cartridges that produce the transparent melody in which you can easily hear the precious sounds of instruments and voices at the music backgrounds. The images of solo voices and instruments are fixed in their space, gently rounded, and texturally complex.

Grado Cartridges Review 2021

This cartridge consists of an elliptical diamond with a well-recommended tracking force with good entry-level and its sound solidity is astonishing and palpable to the ear.

The Epoch magnet cartridges are designed with four separate magnetic gaps with bass that are deep, tight, and more refined due to their tonal balance, thereby generating higher outputs than any cutting edge moving coil cartridge. The 1mv allows the MC phono stage to sound sharper and purer. This model sounds the best at 1.7 to 1.8 grams and weighs 12grams making it heavier than most past Grado’s designs.

Grado Cartridges Review 2021


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The frequency response is 5-75,000kHz and separation is arm strong 33dB, 10-30,000kHz, and the output is 1.0mV at 45RPM with a good cartridge body. The Epoch phono cartridge is indeed special because its best compatible with the turntable cartridges. Its surface noise reduction and the tonearm cable capacitance are excellent thereby producing the tender sound of the tape.


The Grado prestige model moving magnet is a superb and entertaining cartridge that produces a nice and soothing bass response, the bass is significant and effective giving the cartridge a full and weighty sound.

The sound quality is top-notch due to its elliptical diamond and its treble that is well extended and not sound rolled off like some other cartridges. it also generates high output with different alloys contributing immensely to the performance of the cartridges.

Grado Cartridges Review 2021

The treble in this moving magnet is also well refined in making the sound easier to listen to for music lovers due to the good tonal balance. Grado Prestige Gold’s moving magnet cartridges are dynamic and also fairly good in the bass department with good entry-level due to their production of effective, mellow, and easy-listening sound.

It is designed with lower electrical inductance that saves enough energy and moderates bright and strong recordings.

GRADO Prestige Gold3 Phono Cartridge w/Stylus - Standard Mount

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Prestige Gold cartridges are considered to be recommended for people who love a warm and solemn sound. But adequate attention should be paid to the turntable that is going to accommodate it, they should be compatible. 1.5g tracking force is recommended for the cartridge model, also the tracking force can be further improved by increasing the force to 1.6 or 1.7g for effectiveness at its peak.

Grado Prestige Gold is known to be endowed with a removable stylus and special sound that is highly appealing to the ear. It is designed in a flexible and soft manner with a forward bass and thin treble to produce the warm sound of vinyl.

It is a moving magnet designed to favor light tonearms, therefore if you are a lover of cool music seek for Grado Prestige Gold to get the required sound.

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Grado black moving magnet cartridge is one of the best new cartridges that cost a cheap and affordable price with good entry-level that serves as Grado’s entry point to their color cartridge range. This particular Grado black is a great option for people wanting a low-budget cartridge with a calm and warm sound.

GRADO Prestige Black3 Phono Cartridge w/Stylus - Standard Mount

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The excellent stability of the sound system has a wonderful midrange and optimum representation of vocals. It gives a warm sound to classical, jazz, and pop listeners and general music lovers.  Grado black model is extremely easy to install. It is designed to be a little bit toned down to enable the creation of more classic vinyl sounds. When compared this model to Grado Silver, Gold, and moving magnet Shure cartridges, the sound will be muddy and lifeless.


The Grado moving magnet cartridges models consist of a removable stylus that provides easy assess to the replacement stylus options or the entire cantilever assembly. It is essentially chosen out of the pile as an excellent cartridge generating a good record groove for rock music as being better than the rest. It is more expensive than the Grado black stylus and produces a banging sound as well.


Grado Prestige Black 3 is the most compatible model with various turntables due to its standard mount of the stylus. It contains 4 high purity copper wire coils and weighs 0.353 ounces. They are packaged in dimensions of 2.1, 1.4, and 1.3 respectively with 5 millivolts.


The Grado cartridge is one of the best Grado cartridges series, it offers excellent tonal balance and adequacy, it also possesses dynamic and rewarding reproduction of vocals and instruments. It is designed to have a twin magnet system that generates high output and enhances the improved performance of sound quality.

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