JBL Studio 230 Review

JBL Studio 230 Review

JBL Studio 230 are bookshelf speakers that are designed to give awesome sound for both music and movies. It comes with a 2-way design that integrates a 1’’ CMMD lite dome tweeter with a 6.5’’ Polyplas Woofer. The PolyPlas material materials in the Woofers is a polymer-coated cellulose fiber which serves as surface protection and also lessens breakup and distortion. Moreover, it enhances vocal smoothness in the range where the woofers work.

JBL Studio 230 Review – 2021

The studio monitor is compatible with a great number of amps and music types with a suggested power handling of 20-150W for each speaker. With the JBL Studio 230 comes a smooth bass port with a slipstream meant for an enclosure to prevent or reduce distortion and port noises. Moreso, there’s an eight rubber cushion pad included in JBL Studio 230 to keep the studio sturdy and plumb.

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They’re also gold-plated speakers that enhance great quality connections for both the connected equipment and the speakers. The JBL Studio speaker leagues high-efficiency together with excellent detail recovery.

The studio 230’s brightening power is seen as a fault by some but it could actually be an asset based on the recording or some small other differences. JBL 230 comes with enough bass to function even without getting one. The studio monitor is affordable and germinally engineered which brings good experience to listeners and rooms that respond well to their sturdy suit.

Moreover, it is one of the great speakers that maximizes vocal and sound field clarity while minimizing unpleasant distortion. The appealing appearance of JBL studio 230 makes it a belove to audiophiles as it also has a lot to offer rather than just beauty to the eyes.

JBL Studio 230


JBL is known to manufacture speakers with great sound optimization and is so devoted to manufacturing speakers that will suit and serve users well. 

JBL studio 230 is not just a beautiful speaker, it sets standards for mid-range price speakers and what they should feature. The woofer is a 6.5’’ Polyplas component that delivers just the exact amount required of bass and not compromising midrange accuracy.

The central work of the Polyplas driver is to minimize the distortion that might come up in the lower frequencies tampering with the bass’ sound.

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JBL 230 looks very graceful and attractive with an aura of elegance and smartness. Its edges are softly rounded which gives the speaker a special attraction to the beholder. The speaker’s cabinet is painted black with black wood. There is black gloss paneling on the speakers that give it a very stylish and conservative look, a modern and conventional combination. 


JBL Studio 230

JBL Studio 230 has its Tweeter and Woofer done in silver and matt, a beautiful and mature color choice that helps in accenting the drivers too while the cabinet maintains the background beauty.

The speaker can be made to sit on a bookshelf as bookshelf speakers, at a desk, with or without the grille that comes with the speaker depending on the preference of the user. The grilles however have the added advantage of making the speakers sound more discrete, they can be removed if you want a louder sound or if you just like them speakers with no grille.


  • 8 Rubber cushion pads
  • 2 way 6.5’’ Loudspeaker
  • Owner’s Manual
  • 1’’ CMMD Lite High-Frequency Driver


JBL Studio 230


  • 25 MM 1’’ CMMD Lite High-Frequency Dome
  • 165 mm 6.5’’ Polyplas Low-Frequency Transducer
  • High Definition Imaging(HDI)Horn Design
  • 8 ohms impedance and 88dB Sensitivity
  • 20- 150W recommended amp power
  • 52Hz- 22kHz Frequency Response
  • Gold-Plated binding post speaker terminals
  • A bass port of Slipstream rear-firing
  • H x W x D= 381mm x 237mm x 265mm Dimensions
  • 17.5 ib weight.  

JBL Studio 230 Specs

The 1’’ CMMD Lite Tweeter accompanies the Woofer. The CMMD tech is a typical aluminum dome wedged between 2 ceramic pieces, where the Tweeter is based. This makes the Tweeter light but at the same time big enough to adapt to the fast motions made during sound production. Due to this design, the Tweeter gives a detailed, exact, and natural sound. Like the Woofer, unnecessary distortions from upper frequencies are taken care of by the Tweeter. 

JBL Studio 230

The speaker is also equipped with a High Definition Imaging waveguide(HDI) That gives the depth, height, and width of a 3-dimensional character sound. The bookshelf speakers have a sensitivity level of 88dB and a 54Hz -22kHz frequency response.

JBL Studio 230 Operation

When JBL 230 is connected to a power source for a beautiful beginning, the first impeccable thing to notice is the sound clarity. Usually, users wouldn’t expect much from a speaker of that price range but its nice, smooth and clear sound is just more than enough surprises. It sounds natural with the exactly needed bass and a less intense upper frequency making a combination to produce awesome sounds.

The 6.5’’ Polyplas mid-range driver is made to give a vocal clarity that is pitch-perfect, a midrange power and accuracy, and accurately heavy bass. The High Definition Imaging (HDI) Waveguide is built-in together with the 1’’ CMMD Lite High-Frequency driver which actually took a cue from a legendary monitor from JBL- M2 Master Reference Monitor.

The 1″ CMMD Lite high-frequency Dome Tweeter corresponds with its High Definition Imaging (HDI) to enhance the high-frequency detail together with the balancing of sound imaging. This process helps studio 230 effectively give a high-quality sound for movies and musics

JBL Studio 230

JBL Studio 230 having a frequency response 52Hz to 22kHz gives it access to various kinds of music and movies with different bass tones and high frequencies.

Moreover, it can be very alarming to neighbors when on increased volume as the speaker has an extremely loud range. The volume does not however affect the quality of sound produced. No matter the level of the volume, the speaker produces an all-around smooth and clear sound with balanced bass. The owner’s manual that comes with the speaker will help users through setup and questions.


JBL Studio 230 has broken the rules of impossible and it belongs to the 10-piece JBL Studio 2 loudspeaker series. The speaker was made to serve a sound legacy as well as innovative technology. The speaker underwent countless tests in research labs before getting here today.

The studio monitor has a front-firing 6.5’’ Polyplas midrange together with a rear-firing Slipstream bass port to employ a tight and powerful bass. JBL 230 didn’t stop there, its 1’’ CMMD Lite Frequency driver sees to low distortion and a High Definition Imaging Waveguide that gives a genuine sound imaging and natural balance.

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JBL Studio 230 has soft round edges, gloss black paneling with a woodgrain finish that comes in either Black or Espresso depending on your choice. Users might not always level the speaker’s volume to the peak as it has an extremely loud sound.


  • 25 x 15 x 19 inches
  • Weighs 40 pounds
  • Weight(ib) 17.5
  • Depth (mm) 265
  • Depth(in) 10-7/16
  • Width(mm) 237
  • Width(in) 9-5/16
  • Height(mm) 381
  • Height(in) 15
  • 6.5’’ Polypass Woofer
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Produce loud sounds
  • 1’’ CMMD Lite Tweeter
  • Imaging Waveguide at high definition
  • A great low to mid-level listening
  • Could be a bit heavy and big
  • Could get bright at a volume level of 85dB+
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JBL Studio 230 is advisably placed 6- 10 feet apart and 20 inches away from sidewalls. Position it so that the tweeters are at ear level. The adhesive rubber can be peeled off from the card and placed at the bottom of the speaker. The center speaker should preferably be directly above or below the center of the TV screen.

They should be placed a little behind the listening position facing each other and they have to be ideally 5-6 feet above the floor level. Ensure the positive and negative wires do not touch during connections.


JBL Studio 230

JBL Studio 230 Warranty

This warranty is strictly for those in the US. The local distributor can be contacted for information on the warranty outside the US. The JBL warranty conforms with bought products from them for a defect in material or workmanship but not to damages from neglect, misuse, abuse, modifications, accidents, damages during shipment, or damage from not following the instruction manual.

The JBL warranty on the loudspeaker is effective for five(5) years starting from the date of purchase. The warranty doesn’t only protect the original owner but all subsequent owners after as long as a copy of the original bill of sale is presented.

Whenever a warranty is required, the dealer can be contacted for immediate assistance or compensation. Customers are always responsible for transporting the product while reasonable return charges will be paid for delivery by JBL.

In case of no authorization, the product will be returned back to the owner unopened. The correspondence to the company can be addressed to – JBL Customer Service, 8500 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, CA 91329.

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The JBL Studio 230 bookshelf speakers give users who have purchased them a happy and wonderful experience with sounds. They have high sound quality, amazing performance, and come at a very affordable price.

I personally think that the market is full of good and bad surprises when JBL Studio 230 review comes to bookshelf speakers. Fortunately, your JBL Studio 230 speakers will surprise you for good and the surprise will be good.

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