Klipsch R-5502-W II Review

Klipsch is a renowned company when it comes to the speaker industry. As a fact, it belongs to the group of most popular speaker brands you find on the market. They have gained their name and ground all thanks to their unique designs and the production of high-quality speakers that always come with interesting features.

When it comes to Klipsch, you can always look forward to some best floor-standing speakers available on sales worldwide. The company has successfully achieved this with special engineering expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology that is integrated to produce awesome speakers’ features that will amaze and interest audiophiles and everyday users. 

Klipsch R-5502-W II Review

Klipsch R-5502-W II belongs to the R-series of Klipsch. It is an in-wall left, center, and right(LCR) speaker that can work to produce compelling movie and music sound performance exactly the way it was intended by the artists. You do not have to worry about its placement whether a valuable shelf or a dedicated space, all you have to do is find the perfect place on the wall to place it because it is by itself, an in-wall speaker. 

The Klipsch model uses dual and updated 5,25-inch Cerametallic Woofer cones that enhance a fast, accurate, and detailed sound with dynamic detail. Moreso, it comes with a titanium tweeter that is joined with a pivoting Tractrix Horn to make a flat in-room frequency response with extremely low resonance and higher efficiency.

The speaker’s precision-voiced crossover networks also work to properly reproduce the low and high frequencies. Consistently, the in-wall speaker produces thrilling and natural sounds no matter the mode of installation, whether vertically or horizontally. You can also look forward to new sure-grip mounting dogs with the speaker; this allows for equal pressure against drywall for a reliable and durable installation.

The paintable grille that comes with the speak fits with any decor and you can seamlessly change the color however you want.

The speaker provides rich and room-filling sound to all connections, either for music or movies taking none of your essential floor space. The in-wall design is an awesome hideaway feature together with the paintable grille which allows the model to integrate effortlessly into any room size.

Install the speaker vertically or horizontally in your home office or family room. The speakers 2 rigid 5-¼ inches woofers work towards delivering clear bass and incredibly super vocals. You can enjoy direct smooth highs with the pivoting horn tweeter while listening to your favorite music spots. 

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Klipsch Overview

Klipsch is a popular company in America that has gained the world’s familiarity due to its production of quality speakers for a long time now. They put their customers first when it comes to speaker manufacturing as they wouldn’t want a product that’d tarnish their image or bring the brand down, pride in work.

Moreso, they would rather not spoil the legacy of their founder, Paul W.Klipsch who had put so much effort into the brand while he was obsessed with the improvement of sound quality and to producing devices that offer remarkable and elegant sound. He worked passionately to actualize his dream. He was an incredible inventor, engineer, plus certified genius.

Klipsch R-5502-W II Review

Klipsch didn’t, however, destroy this solid legacy laid by its founder. They now work dutifully to achieve what the founder had intended to achieve- giving customers a splendid and marvelous audio experience.

The company has in this recent times focused on audio enthusiasts and audiophiles by making products of their taste and preference. Their products are a bit high-priced but they have gained their stand and greatly expanded the market with their quality.

When it is Klipsch center speaker, you can expect nothing less than astonishing sound performance that will appeal to every audience depending on their taste. The company’s primary objective is to ensure customers’ satisfaction which is why Klipsch’s center speakers are astonishing speakers who appeal to a variety of audiences.

Their primary objective is your satisfaction and contentment that is why they work assiduously to achieve perfection, they continuously introduce new technology and are not reluctant on their already existing models.

Their skilled engineers and workers are constantly bringing new technology and incorporating it to see how they can make their products even better, more resilient, and attractive.

Klipsch has made its extraordinary products with meticulous care, they have been engineered prudently so that you get to hear even the most trivial and subtle sounds which you would otherwise indisputably miss.

During the 1940s, the company started making horns to be the central force for fantastic and incredible sounds produced by the manufactured speaker which the audience, with no other options enjoy.

Klipsch R-5502 is full of many features like higher efficiency, flat frequency response, directivity regulator, and low distortions which all work to give listeners an interestingly awesome sound experience that makes one wanna research and find who could have made such an amazing creation.

Here is a list of some other mouth-watery features from Klipsch R-5502.

Horn technology for focused room-filling clarity: When it comes to sound in speakers, the major parts include both the high-frequency and bass frequency. More than the bass frequencies, the high-frequencies tend to sound more directional. It is quite important to put them into consideration when going for speakers. 

For Klipsch R-5502, the horn technology, like a flared opening is where their tweeter opening is placed. The major work of the horn is to deliver evenly the highs across all listening areas. 

Aside from the even sound delivery, it also helps bring out every little detail in every song you listen to while limiting reflections that can dim the sound production. You can also expect features like efficiency and dynamics improvement and smooth and clear front-row sound from the horn.

Slimmer chance of being seen: There is a SlimTrim grille that is kept on a low profile with Klipsch R-5502. You can hardly tell of its presence in the speaker. The frame size of it that is visible is reduced by 90% and the depth is reduced by 80%. This is not so in some previously manufactured designs as the main purpose of this is to improve the look and give it a beautiful and blending flush finish. 

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Product Highlights

  • 5-¼ inches dual Cerametalic woofers
  • 75 Watts to 300 Watts RMS Power handling
  • 92dB Sensitivity
  • 6-½ inches W x 16-⅜ inches H cutout dimensions
  • Impedance- 8 ohm
  • 1-inch Titanium Tweeter with a Pivoting Tractrix Horn
  • Remote repeaters systems’ IR receiver knock-out
  • SlimTrim Magnetic Grille(paintable)
  • 46-20,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • Dynamic Dispersion Surround Technology
  • 3-⅜ inch mounting depth
  • Warranty 

Sneak Peek into the Box

Get to know content of the box before buying

  • Template from cardboard
  • Speaker (in-wall)
  • Metal mesh grille(white)
  • Owner’s manual


Some of the brilliant  features of Klipsch R-5502 include the:

  • 5.25 inches Dual Cerametallic Woofers
  • 1-inch Titanium diaphragm compression driver mated to a Tractrix  Horn pivoting at 90 x 90 square
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting 
  • Acoustic output increment and reduced distortion with Horn-loaded technology
  • Low profile and unique SlimTrim magnetic rule
  • IR receiver knock out with midbass and treble attenuation switches
  • Dynamic channel use ( right, center, and left channel)
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Klipsch In-wall Speakers Overview

Depending on the environment, the atmosphere, and the current mood, the custom EQ allows in-wall speakers for modification. This can be done on the bass and the treble switches to suit individual tastes. There are also the IR receiver knockout holes that allow infrared repeater permitting installers to get to work on custom configuration.

It is also worthy to note that if it is Klipsch R-5502, it will offer the best sound flexibility for your enjoyment. 

Just like the rest of Klipsch’s 5000 architectural speakers, R-5502 is a timbre that lets users mix and match music while producing a quality performance stereo system to suit their tastes. R-5502 in-wall LCR speaker has every required part to deliver a fantastic musical performance exactly the way the artists would have wanted it.

It basically does all of these without taking any of your ground space.  

Moreso, the updated dual 5.25-inch Cerametallic woofer employed by R-5502 gives it a fast, exact, and detailed bass as much as the 1-inch Titanium tweeter offers a balanced sound with clear imaging and a flat indoor FR.

Another feature that increases the high-frequency detail and clearness is the Linear Travel Suspension attached to the tweeter, it also helps in the production of smooth and clear sound. When the in-wall speaker is installed either way ( horizontally or vertically), it offers a thrilling and realistic sound that will make you feel every lyric or word as if you were present there. 

When there is a switch between bass and treble with the custom EQ, the peaker is tailored to suit its environment while the IR receiver knockout hole lets the infrared repeater bring to installers, the custom configuration.

The speaker is available in a white finish and can be paired with an installation kit from Klipsch; IK-502-W. Here are some of the great features you can find in this model:

  • In-wall Placement: You can place Klipsch R-5502 on any standard wall or a drop ceiling. You really can’t go wrong with any in-wall speaker designed by Klipsch as they are made to stand the storm and for long-term performance. For mounting, R-5502 only requires at least, a ⅜ inch thick drywall. 

For sound performance maximization, the speaker can be placed equidistant from the listeners and along the same wall for a better stereo effect and enjoyment. However, depending on the listening position, the speaker can be placed wherever the user thinks is most suitable for them.

  • Infrared Sensor Mount: Another feature that is strictly for in-wall models is the infrared sensor mount. The in-wall speakers can be of 2000, 3000, or 5000 series and they usually come with a ½ inch infrared sensor locator. 
  • Pivoting Horn: For the 3000 and 5000 in-wall series speakers, you are sure to expect a pivoting horn that comes with them. The pivoting horn allows users to toe in the horn. It is worthy to note that before the grille installation, the horn should first be aimed carefully at facing the listening space. 
  • 90×90 Square Tractrix Horn: Klipsch R-5502-W II again comes with this feature. The Tractrix Horn comes with a square horn and it corresponds with a square horn mouth to enhance frequency response as well as extensions.

The 90 x 90 square Tractrix horn can also be used to limit distortions, improve high efficiency and dynamics, and at the same time deliver a realistic and detailed sound performance.

The Tractrix Horn is made of compressed molded rubber that helps enhance high-frequency sound and detail while limiting harshness. This allows the speaker to produce a smooth sound in the best possible way.

  • Titanium Diaphragm Compression Driver: Moreso, there is the 2.5cm Titanium diaphragm driver mated to pivot the 90 x 90 square Tractrix horn that allows for several dynamics for improved sound performance.
  • This feature can also produce a flat indoor frequency response with high efficiency and minimal distortions. The titanium diaphragm may not be the most popular reference line from Klipsch, you can be sure however that it is one of the essential components of the best speakers on the market. 
  • Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers: The Cerametallic woofers of R-5502 are obviously made of spun copper which represents Klipsch’s pinnacle driver design. This, however, helps to maintain rigidity and presents a lightweight construction for reduced distortion and cone breakup. 
  • Abs Cabinet with White Paintable Frame and Grille: Klipsch R-5502 also comes with a contemporary aesthetic of absolute durability that also allows the speaker to blend effortlessly into any interior regardless of the decoration. 
  • Strong, Flexible, and Removable Grille: You can also expect a sturdy and removable grille that only attaches successfully with the help of a magnet. This is to enhance a delightful change from the showstopper to something more discreet. 
  • Easy mount and set up either horizontally or vertically
  • Users get more available space in the living area
  • Brand new, low-profile, and unique SlimTrim magnetic grille
  • Increased acoustic output with reduced distortions
  • Detailed and balanced treble and midbass
  • Suitable for a right, center, or left channel use
  • Horn-loaded tech.
  • Might not be the very best on the market
  • Could be a little bit expensive
  • Mostly In-wall
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Klipsch R-5502-W II Review

Final Thoughts

It was worth the time spent on it. Now you know that Klipsch R-series R-5502-W II is an LCR in-wall speaker with different ranges of features all to produce a compelling sound performance. You also got to know that R-5502 is so generous it’s not taking your floor or shelf space.

The incredible speaker continuously offers a compelling, realistic, and smooth sound regardless of its installation. A paintable grille that fits into any interior decoration, a Custom EQ bass and treble switch, an IR receiver to enable the infrared repeater, and a flexible feature that offers amazing sound performance for the audience.

You might wanna change that speaker today and get your visitor wondering where all the pleasant sound is coming from.

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